A Well Written Press Release Can Yield You The Fastest Return on Traffic Building.

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Our Joomla Project Managers came across a wonderful PDF for avoiding the pitfalls when developing effective press releases. I wanted to share this and some of the experience I spread when asked. This “7-Deadly-Press-Release Mistakes.pdf” covers a number of the top techniques for crafting powerful press releases. While I am not a skilled pr release writer myself I’ve found that almost any person keeping this checklist of techniques in mind and avoiding these pitfalls will fare well when you get their message out and when syndicated within the right places you will notice an amazing effect.
Traffic Building for Joomla! CMS
As Joomla! Developers and Cms consultants, it seems like every other day I get asked about eMarketing and traffic building as this is such an important section of having an effective web program for almost any online business. Were running an internet program now since our origins in 2006 and possess had many successes and a few failures and a few of those that ended up costing dearly with time and treasure. I might have to say the single best initiative we now have done in the mix of our many campaigns for Joomla! CMS would need to be Press Releases. For those who have a Joomla portal with good keywords and relatively search friendly content, a well written press release can yield you the fastest return on traffic building. With good links in your press release you could continue get traffic using this for many months following the initial blast. Inside the initial blast for the 100 approximately syndication services we use it is possible to practically watch your click through rates on the internet grow instantly. One of the best syndication services is PRweb.com given that they have some nice charts and graphs to show the impact with the particular traffic from other releases. It will cost a nominal fee but it’s well worth the investment for much talked about campaigns of course ,if your budget allows.Scale to your budget:

There’s two approaches we now have used depending on the importance of the discharge and available budget.

 1.If you have a high profile campaign with well crafted press releases I highly recommend using the PRweb service along with a couple other paid services simply because they have more clout plus a broader base of subscribers.
 2.If you are on a budget it is possible to push out releases to numerous of the free websites and get quite a good effect as well as for lower profile campaigns done more often and consistently this could have an almost equal effect.It doesn’t hurt to use both and that we try to maintain lists of many services available and i also have other blog articles on these lists. Once the releases are distributed there are more techniques which will continue to bolster your campaigns such as posting to blogs and social networks. If you get lucky and possess a groundswell of reposting the result is unmatched by any other paid advertising you might do.

If you can always be doing something news worthy together with your business, maintain healthy relevant content within your Joomla! Port

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