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India Travel – Baroda, The Unusual Place in Gujarat

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India is complex in nature. If on one hand there are glittering bazaars and skyscrapers, on the other, there are calmest cities away from daily hustle bustle. Baroda in Gujarat is one of them.

India is a land that offers wonderful cities and magnificent places. Equipped with modern machines and facilities, these cities attract loads of tourists from all over the world. It is their standard to compete with the world class cities that makes them all the more significant and worthwhile when it comes to India travel.

However, there are cities in the Indian context, which also provide calmest and soothing ambiance. Gujarat’s Baroda is one of them. In fact, this city unlike other cities is entirely different when it comes to daily hustle bustle and noises.

Comparing Baroda with other cities of Gujarat, Ahmedabad and Surat, we find that it may seem traditional in character. The primary reason is its slow paced life patterns that make it more preferable for those people who love peace and harmony more than progressing fast. In fact, that is what makes Baroda more significant and worthwhile in the eyes of travelers.

One of the most important factors that make Baroda preferred by the tourists coming from all over the world begins at its Gate, which says “Welcome to Gujarat’s Capital”. Amidst ungainly pedestrian bridge with a hoarding across the side, the overall ambiance of this city is interesting. One can notice Baroda’s most revered figures, both past and present. Notable figures took birth and walked on its soil. Seventeenth century poet, Premanand Bhatt, classical musicians Faiyaz Khan, and Omkarnath Thakur are to name a few.

Although, at an apparent level, one might find this city as laidback, however the truth is that this city is simply amazing and fascinating. Digging deeper we find that Baroda’s great tradition of cultural connoisseurship and charity coupled with spirited cosmopolitanism and deep seated tolerance makes it worthwhile in the backdrop of trouble that this city witnessed in wake of riots a few years back.

However, the overall ambiance in Baroda represents something of higher order in terms of society. It will not be an exaggeration to state that this city is mature enough the criticism that tarnished its image in the recent past. In fact, that is what makes it more entertaining and interesting. The other fascinating part of this city is its glorious past. As India was ruled by the various rulers and monarchs, this city was also under the rule of some of the great minds. This can be substantiated with its musical inclinations and the genius people who inhabited it in the past. In fact, all this makes it all the more significant and worthwhile when it comes to India travel with distinction.


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