Preventive Maintenance of Your PC

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We all know that prevention is better than cure. Good habits help save time, money and aggravation. We give you several tips to keep your PC running smoothly.

At first, when you buy.

– Set up a UPS or at least a good quality stabilizer. Keep in mind that you need to continue operating in case of lack of energy, because the more devices, the lower the autonomy of the UPS. Remember that the function of a UPS is to give you time to turn off the PC with ease and security, not to continue working to drain the battery.

– During the installation of programs, please register each one you requested. So you will ensure access to updates, useful information and promotions to gain access to new versions.

– Sets the auto-update programs when available. So you do not have to worry about that.

– If your PC is “branded” probably came with a manual. Read the manufacturer’s maintenance tips.

– Sets the auto-archiving of mails in your e-mail program. This procedure will prevent future problems of corruption in the messages file and delay in access and reading.

– Install a quality anti-virus.

– Install a quality anti-spyware/anti-adware.

– Save all the installation CDs in one place. Create a folder on your hard disk and copy the contents of all these CDS on sub-folders.

Every week or 15 days

– Make a scan of your hard disk for possible problems.

– Run a de-fragmentation of your hard drive.

– Make a backup of important files. Not serve to make a single copy elsewhere on your hard drive; the backup should be performed in another device such as a second hard drive, a CD, DVD or online service.

It is possible to remove Windows optional components, such as a magnifying glass or Windows Live Messenger-installed by default, “but only if you are a user of Windows XP. This operation will allow you to free up some RAM. With the new systems, the deactivation is the only option available. This operation is also effective to release memory.

– Empty the trash the operating system.

– Cleans temporary files from your browser.

– Clear the “cookies” in your browser.

– Affirms that virus and spyware definitions are current.

– Run a full scan with anti-virus and anti-spyware. Do it at separate times, they run at the same time will make your PC run very slow.

Every 30 or 60 days

– Check for updates to your operating system and installed programs.

– Remove installed programs that do not use.

Every 3 or 6 months

– Clean your keyboard.

– Clean your monitor.

– Clean the peripherals.

– Reorganize your work environment, both the virtual and the real.

– Change your passwords.

Every year

Renew the licenses of software updates and anti-virus and anti-spyware.

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