Friday, December 15

What is Intelligence?

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Intelligence is one of many qualities of human being. Is intelligence a state of mind? Certainly not! Mind is an instrument to express intelligence. Intelligence is known only when we encounter something unknown that is a decisive point.  You can respond intelligently or you can respond stupidly.  Intelligence is a clear insight into the knowledge which we do not have information beforehand.

Yet times people think that intelligence is of the mind.  Mind itself is like a bio-computer with a memory system.  Feed the memory system and the mind keeps the memory but memory is not intelligence.  Memory can function about known things.  Life   consists of unknown-known.  As far as known is concerned,  memory is enough.  So, mind is being used as vehicle for intelligence.

Intelligence means the capability of responding to the situations which automatically comes out of our being.  It watches the mind and direct the mind.  It is a kind of awareness. Intelligence is the quality of witness and comes from innermost source. None is devoid or unequal as far as intelligence is concerned.

All humans are born with the same potential but differ in using the potential to the same extent.  A genius like Albert Einstein was capable of using only fifteen percent of his potential.   The most talented people are said to use only ten percent of their potential.  If all of us use hundred percent potential, in different directions with different dimensions, the entire world would have been something else! 


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