New Aspect of Alfredo Simon Shooting Caseesd

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Nick Collias, of MLB Trade Rumors, after conducting a researching a Spanish newspaper,  gives a new insight into the role of Alfredo in shooting. The opinion would be made public, once the reports are confirmed to be reliable.
Simon was accused of killing a 25-year-old, Michel Esteban Castillo on New Year Eve. The victim’s brother that at four o clock in the morning they were celebrating the New Year in the Luperon town park, when the player shot several times at a group, killing Michel Esteban Castillo and severely injuring Starlin Castillo Hernandez; younger brother of the deceased one.
The Venezuelian paper El Universal, reports that the player wounded Starlin Castillo also while apparently shooting in the air for New Year Celebration. This news has been immensely talked about in the sports world and among basketball betting experts.
Alfredo Simons has newly signed a $4MM contract with Baltimore Orioles, and has been a part of the Baltimore Orioles team since a long time. He has a nice two year experience in Major Leagues as a relief pitcher. The 29-year-old player was relatively weak in the previous season with earning average runs falling to 4.93.
He is credited of saving 17 games out of 49, with occasional effectively against hitters in games. He has been found firing in the air at other occasions also according to baseball news reporters. So it is interesting to see what stance O’s takes and what impact it has on the baseball betting scenarios.

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