World Weight Loss Tips

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You will go globetrotting with some tips in the article that enumerate the fastest way to lose weight from around the globe. These are some of the Easiest ways to lose weight.

Thai food:

Thai food is one of the spiciest foods. Hot pepper raises the level of metabolism. The real benefit is that a bit of zing slows your eating. Americans eat fast, by the time your body receives signals that you are full, you have already overeaten. Eating slowly is a good strategy to lose weight.

Indian food:

Indians have healthy food habits. Majority of Indians are vegetarians. They eat yogurt regularly and roti or naan, which is made from wheat flour and served as lunch along with vegetables. Indians eat only fresh vegetables.

Brazil rice and beans:

“Body shaking” – a feature of Brazil Carnivals is not the only body friendly habit that Brazilians have. Brazilians stay slim as they enjoy traditional meals that consist of rice and beans. It lowers the risk of being overweight by around 14 percent. This is because it is lower in fat and high in fiber. This stabilizes blood sugar levels. A diet full of beans is extremely healthy and is the easiest way to lose weight.

Indonesia: Fastest weight loss diet is to fast:

Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia. It encourages fasting with no food and drink from the dawn to dusk. There is a practice called mutih that allows only white rice and water. Experts discourage from fasting for weight loss, fasting in moderation can give a break to mindless and uncontrollable eating. Most Americans eat before they have even fully digested the previous meal. No need to practice strict abstinence but you can cut down on a lot on calories by keeping away from certain foods.

Poland: Home food sweet

Poles spend on an average 5 percent of their family budget on eating out. People who do not eat at home tend to eat less healthy food and eat heavier. In fact the decreasing trend of cooking at home in a society is closely related to the rise in obesity.

German breakfast:

75 percent of Germans eat breakfast daily as compared to 44 percent of Americans. Nutritionists have always advised people not to skip breakfast. British researchers discovered that if you have not eaten breakfast, you’re brain reward center will light up vividly when you see high calorie food, and thus making you indulge more into eating.

Netherlands bike ride:

Dutch use more bikes; they pedal more than they use gas. The average Dutchman pedals 541 miles per year, they use bikes for their daily activities. The traffic lights are synchronized well for the bikes. If you are average size then you can burn 550 calories approximately per hour.

Switzerland bowl of muesli:

Muesli is porridge or cereal made from oats, nuts, and fruits. Each of this is linked to better health and ideal for weight control. A Swiss physician developed it around 100 years ago. The Swiss eat it for breakfast or as an evening dish. Its fiber makes it slow to get digested, and keeps you full for a longer time. But, read the contents on the label correctly. Sugar content varies from 2 to 14 grams.

Russian Dacha:

Country houses or dachas have 51 percent of city folks spending vacations there and summer weekends always feature a garden. Russians grow their own vegetables and preserve what they grow. This makes a nutritious diet, and yes there is not much that you can grow that will make you fat.

These are some weight loss diet tips but you can also engage in weight loss exercises to lose weight fast.


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