Womb To Tomb Jobs In Ohio Don't Compare To NY Entrepreneurs

I am from New York, Jamaica, Queens New York to be exact and I have always loved the hustle bustle of the big city. Queens was where my grandmother lived for years and she had taught headstart for 27 years and served on the board of a daycare center for many years so Queens was a great place to live.

I managed to move to Suffolk County, New York like maybe three months before Mayor Bloomberg took over New York City as mayor so I was lucky enough to dodge that bullet what with is constant public transportation fare hikes and other issues that he has caused. I was there in Queens during the golden years of the Guiliani administration and I had some real happy times there living with my grandmother and later on after I got married and we moved to the “Presidential apartments” on Merrick Boulevard I had even more happy times.

In New York people understand that you have to have fire in your belly if you are going to live here you have to be ambitious to live here. You cannot just come to NY thinking I am going to get a job and an apartment and I am going to live here and that’s that. It doesn’t work that way. New York will be patient with you while you learn to read the paper every day and learn the New York subway system and the New York slang and other business terms like naked is a stock term, not a literal term but anyway NY will be patient with you while you are learning how life is here but eventually you will have to stand on your own feet at some point and contribute to society by starting a business of your own.

As a New Yorker you will watch people get fired for often no reason at all they just get fired so eventually a light bulb comes on that you have to protect yourself out here if you want to continue to stay out here. The way that you protect yourself as a New Yorker is to have a business of your own or a side hustle that you can do outside of your job so that you can survive out here. I mean I know of a guy who had worked for twenty years at Slomins which is a home security company up here in New York that just got fired. He was a good employee, on time, he enjoyed his job but the fact of the matter is that he probably got fired to make way for some sexy new intern or some sexy young college graduate who looks real good when she bends over to pick up a file and he lost his job to make way for progress. It didn’t even matter that he was a family man with photos of his family on his desk. You see, as a New Yorker you know that these sorts of things happen every single day so you have to protect yourself by having a business of your own.

In Ohio the story is a little different. In Columbus, Ohio the capital city, they still have what most people like to call womb to tomb jobs meaning that you can start a job fresh out of college in your twenties and still have a job when you are ready to retire in your seventies as they will just find a new something or other for you to do at the company until you can no longer work.

The problem is as a New Yorker I feel that I live in the real world where employees have to protect themselves financially by trying to be self-employed, as opposed to living in Ohio where you have womb to tomb jobs but individual business or a side hustle would be looked down upon by an employer out there. In fact, you might get told that you cannot run your business through their business out there in Ohio and up here in New York people would understand if you had a technical job that you worked from 9 to 5 and then started your own consultancy later.

Well my mother and sister live in Ohio and while they like it out there I hate it. I am African-American and I remember being called the n-word growing up many times at least 60 to 100 times growing up. Back then, I just had to take it. I can remember White kids wanting to play with me on the playground at school and then having had the nerve to call me the n-word later. Today however, I might take it and just ignore the person and go on in love and just pray for the person or if my blood sugar is really low I might be in the mood to kick some ass.

There are Caucasian people in Ohio with no education, no experience no nothing to offer they are coming in on the job just as green as any African-American would be and they are able to get the kind of jobs where they can go and purchase a new house, and a brand new car every five years and they have just been getting by on the color of their skin. So to even have a job in Ohio and be black is quite the coup as I remember applying for minimum wage jobs and having to do two interviews to get a minimum wage job. As a New Yorker can you imagine doing two interviews just to earn $7.25 an hour?!

I mean Ohioans are so naieve that they don’t even realize that they are in a global economy like New Yorkers do and that they are competing with people over in India and China for their jobs so it’s no wonder that 14 million Americans are out of work right now. So I don’t see why my Ohio relatives are trying to make me feel guilty for wanting to be 100% self-employed, I mean I don’t want to work for the man forever! They are the ones who need to do a paradigm shift not me.

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