How to Stay Away From Periodontitis

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Periodontitis is a severe case of gingivitis (infection of gums) that leads to teeth loss. This condition is caused by many factors including lack of Vitamin C, improper oral care, unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Periodontitis is best avoided with proper oral care. The practice of brushing teeth after each meal is encouraged. Health practitioners give more emphasis on prevention so that periodontitis could be eliminated in its early stages.

Regular dental care is a must to prevent periodontitis. The dentist can do a thorough examination of the teeth and gums. Treatment can be done by application of dental procedures besides cleaning of teeth. The dentist can effectively clean and get rid of plaque that could start the onset of periodontitis.

Good dental care includes using the proper toothbrush. Oral hygiene starts with regular brushing of teeth with a good toothbrush that is effective in getting rid of plaque. It also includes the proper technique of brushing teeth, which the dentist can demonstrate. Toothbrush must be replaced every three or four months. An electric toothbrush is also a good way to clean teeth and get rid of plaque. All these details are important to reduce occurrence of periodontitis.

Flossing is also encouraged after brushing to help more in making teeth clean. What the toothbrush can’t clean well enough can be done by flossing. Then a good mouthwash is also recommended. The mouthwash can effectively kill bacteria that cause plaque stick on teeth.

One of the most effective ways to prevent periodontitis is to practice good oral hygiene from an early age. Young children must be taught to properly brush their teeth. They should be educated about the bad effects of tooth decay and they should be taught of practical ways to avoid them. The habit of good oral care must be installed in their young minds and must be carried through, as they grow older.

Included in the prevention of periodontitis is the practice of eating healthy. A healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruits is recommended. If possible, limit snacking between meals. A healthy supply of foods rich in Vitamin C, iron and Calcium must be included in your regular diet.

Keeping away from bad habits would also help the prevention of periodontitis. Too much intake of alcohol and too much smoking can affect your teeth and gums. Smoking can stain teeth and cause bad breath. If you don’t reduce these bad habits, they would add more to the chance of you developing periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a condition that could be prevented by proper education about oral care and practicing it. This is a common disease worldwide and it could be prevented from becoming more serious. It is actuality not a life-threatening disease because it is considered a very common occurrence everywhere. However, just like anything that is not given much care and is very much neglected, periodontitis could become a major problem that can have negative impact on our life.

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