Shock Collars For Dog Training

What’s with the buzz concerning shock collars?

Maybe you’ve heard of remote training collars for dogs and asked yourself, “Is that a shock collar?” You’ve heard a variety of viewpoints cover anything from this is a great tool, to it’s a last resort. You’re wanting to know what’s the main difference between a shock collar and a remote training collar. Will it shock the dog?

Our world is filled with electronic gadgets and they have evolved quite a bit from when they were initially developed. In the past, our telephones were always attached to a line in the wall, you could type a letter digitally, however the U.S. postal service needed to send it throughout the country and changing the channel meant getting off the couch, crossing the family room and pushing a button on the television set. Here we all are, a couple of decades later with cellular phones, e-mail along with the T.V. remote. Modern conveniences which are intended to make our way of life more pleasurable and our time a lot more efficient.

The same holds true to for the dog shock collar. The technology has changed significantly and the tools are definitely more appropriately referred to as remote training collars or e-collars. This electronic device is designed to make your life with your canine more fun as well as your training time more efficient.

It operates just like other remote devices do. The push of a button on the hand-held remote causes a signal to transmit to a collar that your canine is wearing. The signal causes the collar to perform a variety of responses, starting from a tone, a vibration or an electronic static pulse. The strength of the static pulse is determined by the degree of intensity the trainer sets on the remote. It can range between an annoying tickle sensation to a stronger pulse similar to a static shock one gets from dragging feet on carpet.

The most powerful level sensations, although harmless, can be startling, thus why these tools have experienced a tough time shaking the name and stigma associated with shock collar. The key is understanding how to utilize the right level for your dog. Because the experience is so unique, lots of dogs respond beautifully to vibration, tone and low-level pulses. After you purchase a remote collar for dog training invest time to learn how to work with it. There are lots of training techniques that will produce success very quickly. With education concerning how to use the e-collar properly you will find that nuisance behaviors like jumping up, excessive barking and running away can be resolved before you know it.

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