Things to Consider When Choosing Natural Dog Food

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Kibble or dry dog food seems to be the most popular choice among many pet owners. It is convenient and low in cost compared to other diets. There are some pet owners in choosing a natural dog food diet, consider a natural diet which is either organic or consisting of raw materials. The B. A. R. F (biologically appropriate raw food) diet is one of the most common of raw diets.

According to their nature, canines and most animals receive nutrition feeding on the internal organs and carcasses in the wild. Grains, rice, are not normal components of feeding. Feeding on the internal organs of animals offer the essential minerals, vitamins provide the energy necessary to maintain their health.

Popular packaged diets are meal. Meal consists of meat and bone products of different animals. The term means it is not sold when fresh, having been stored for days or more. This product is not what is considered human grade by the FDA and or USDA. Its components include fecal matter, hair, often feathers, and gristle.

To process meal involves the rendering of all the animal-by-product by boiling. Boiling separates the fat-soluble from the water and solid materials. This process often does not destroy additional drugs and hormones used to cure livestock of illness and or to fatten up livestock. Nor does the process destroy any drugs used for euthanasia.

Providing the best nutrition for pets is not without benefits. Happier pets are active pets. Dogs should routinely exercise. A diet of that which supplies the necessary vitamins, minerals help to maintain energy levels. Diets with substandard nutritional value can contribute to disease, including digestive problems.

Organic is a choice of pet owners. While organic is always natural, it is best to remember that natural is not always organic.

Standards for organic labeling require no pesticides, herbicides and chemical preservatives be included in the marketable product. The product must also be free of artificial colors, as well as antibiotics. The meats used must be of human grade to ensure the highest vitamin and mineral content.

In a natural diet, pet owners must decide as to whether to feed their pet dehydrated, frozen or freeze-dried dog food. More important is that the diet should be minimally processed.

In considering a diet more biologically appropriate, the frozen food option may be best. This contains the highest level of nutrition as it is not processed by heat in any way. However, this diet should be refrigerated which may be an inconvenience to pet owners as storage may be limited. Just as the organic diet, this diet can be costly.

Other dog owners find the freeze-dried option best. Storing can be on shelves rather than refrigeration. Freeze-dried holds the highest in nutritional value.

Dehydrated diets are the choice of some pet owners. During the process, vitamin C loss occurs. Some pet owners supplement this loss with additional vitamin C. Talk with a veterinarian for more information.

In choosing a natural dog food, pet owners seek methods of maintaining the health and happiness of the family life companion. Whether cost or convenience, talk with a veterinarian for a full overview.

Jamie is a family pet medical expert who honestly believes that converting your pet to organic dog food is the most healthy choice you can make for your pet. Learn more about all natural dog food.


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