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Creating New Free Ring Tones-Its Amazing!!

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Do you have a fancy to play different favorite ringtone each day of the week?

Then, it is as easy as that of changing your clothes if  you have a phone that supports mp3 or MIDI files and computer software that can convert audio CDs into digitalmusic.

Changing favorite songs into ringtone as often as possible is not at all time-consuming or troublesome but very easy with the advent of new technology in the field of cell phones.

Features provided in the old phones are restricted to play monotonous ringtones. Even in case you need to change the old ringtone, its possible only in commercial sources.

Cell phone technology started  spreading like Octopus in eight folds with the introduction of multi – task devices  featuring  built-in camera, web, play MP3 uploading your favorite ringtone.

While uploading the favorite ringtone, choice you have is that buying from vendors or creating on your own.  But, make sure whether  your phone is compatible enough to play polyphonic tones or MIDI tones or mp3 songs.  In case you are not familiar with this, you may access such information through internet.

Source of music can be from  your old CDs of music or songs downloaded from other web sites.  In case a song you like, is in mp3 format, don’t be panic. There is software by name dBpowerAMP Music Converter, in addition to other software programs.  These software programs enable you  to download songs from online sites.  Later, you can organize them into your personal library.  Of course, programs like  Audiograbber, Winamp and Cdex enable you only to  extract songs from CDs and compress them into mp3 format.  Still, in case your phone is not compatible enough to play MP3, MIDI can be used as  ringtone.  These MIDI files, in fact, are created by  Anvil Studio and Mobile Music Polyphonic programs.

In case you want to customize your ringtone, you can run a CD in the PC, access to the recording option.  This function will copy the song from the source i.e  CD to  phone’s memory card.  However, MP3 is the best format for audio compatibility.  Bluetooth is another substitute for memory card for music.


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