Ring Tones With Full of Music.

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A ring tone may consist of  lyrics backed by music and singers. Cell phone manufacturers  like Nokia, Sony Ericson & Motorola created a trend by including voice ring tones in the new generation cell phones. Before buying a ring tone, buyers should first consider the compatibility of the ring tone.

Usually music ring tones are formatted in MP3, WAV, WMV or AMR.  Among all, MP3 is an ideal compressed folder that discards unimportant portion  to the human ear and accommodate audio data smaller in size. Few techniques are used to regulate the MP3 format to determine the audio feed. Undoubtedly, MP3  balances the  sound quality and data size. Later came MPEG-4 format, modern than MP3.  Unique feature of MPEG-4 format is the best sound clarity in the music ring tone due to Advanced Audio Codec(AAC).  Some of the websites provide ring tones which are  chargeable.

Music became part of our life and music ring tones play a very important role in the music industry.  Statistics recorded $4 billion dollars revenue in USA in the year 2004. Its amazing to note that people buy digital music to personalize music ring tones. Recent version of cell phones come up with package of  playing full music as ring tones.  Another incarnation of ring tones is real music ring tones which support vocal music  along with background instruments.  In that case, music  lovers can enjoy listening to the  vocal music of their favorite singers. 


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