Sex-Selective Abortion in China Creates Unforseen Troubles

Such abortions, which are motivated merely by gender of the fetus, are already illegal in China, but existing laws do not describe the applicable punishment for such acts.  The link between this phenomenon and China’s One-Child Policy is also noted.  Because of this, parents are more likely to abort female fetuses in hopes of having a much-wanted son.  Such thinking is motivated by the traditional Chinese belief that boys are better than girls.

            Abortion is one of the most commonly debated issues in our world today.  It poses ethical dilemmas to health care providers whose duty is to preserve human life.  The deliberate killing of an innocent human being is always immoral, even when it is performed to arrive at a desirable end.  In the case of China, population control is the main goal that drove the country to implement a one-child policy, which has now led to greater ethical problems.  However, the end should never justify the means.  Abortion destroys life and violates the person’s basic right to life.  Also, it is morally wrong and should not be legalized.  Although abortion is illegal in China, the absence of clear, applicable punishment is just the same as providing a back door to violate that law.  Such a process is indirectly cooperating with and providing support to the sinful social structure that now has resulted to the country’s problem in balancing the gender population.  Aborting a child simply her (or his) sex is not what is desired by the parents is a form of homicide.

            Among the factors that have contributed to this ethical dilemma is the culture of the country, which has driven its citizens to go through undesirable means just to conform to such culture.  However, this traditional belief has provento be detrimental at the present time.  It has led to the death of thousands of innocent little girls rejected by the society even before they were born and, given the circumstances, there are possibly more of them – even little boys – who have been aborted by their mothers simply to avoid the consequences of having more than one child.  Being a responsible parent doesn’t only mean that you know how to plan your family but most importantly, it implies that you think of what is good for your child before anything else, which means enduring the consequences that his or her existence in this world would bring you.  For life is God’s greatest gift, and nothing in this material world would be precious enough to take its place – not money, not power, nor legal benefits.  Life is not made by human capacities; it is not generated by advanced technology.  It is a gift.

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