A New Technology to Wipe Computers Off The Face of The Planet: Bill Gates' Biggest Problem to Date

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Thanks to the virtual desktop developed by software geniuses, the personal computer quickly replaced the mainframe computer used decades ago as the center of corporate computing.  Companies began to create networks linking their offices in order for their employees to run programs, store data, and print from central servers.

But this development still has its flaws.

Due to close competition and lack of standards in hardware and software, products were rarely compatible – making these networks inefficient and problematic still.  As a result trillions of dollars are spent every year solely for IT spending.

And that’s precisely why the new technology known today as “cloud computing” scare the hell out of Bill Gates.  This discovery links computers in a giant network, or “cloud,” that allows multinational corporations to simply tap into it and get all the things they used to have to maintain themselves.

A day will come in the future where personal computers as we know them will become obsolete, and replaced with smaller gadgets that allow data to be accessed without the use of bulky hardware and at a faster speed.

Production today, however, is still in development.  And although it hardly outnumbers the sales of personal computers and related merchandise in the present time, it may as well be the next big thing.


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