Monday, December 18

101 Reasons Why Women Fall For Gay Men

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Girls:  Have you ever fallen for a guy so bad and got hurt because no matter how close you two were, he never made a move, and then later you found out he was gay?

Guys:  Have you ever wanted a girl so much but couldn’t have her because she was in love with somebody else and it turned out your competition was homosexual but she still loved him anyway?

Why do women fall for homosexual guys?  (That is, of course, gay men that haven’t come out in the open yet).  Here are some possible reasons:

  1. They know how to listen.

  2. They can shop for clothes without getting bored.

  3. They can shop for shoes without getting bored.

  4. They can shop for accessories without getting bored.

  5. They can buy groceries without getting bored.

  6. They smell good.  Not the strong male perfume scents, but the sweet, subtle ones.

  7. They’ve got amazing hair.

  8. They always look good in the clothes that they wear.

  9. They’re sensitive.

  10. They can talk about girl stuff.

  11. They care about being clean.

  12. Their nails are always neatly trimmed.

  13. They usually have really nice lips (It’s the lip gloss, girls).

  14. They can cook.

  15. They’re interested in what girls are interested in.

  16. They give honest opinions on how you dress

  17. and never forget to compliment your outfit.

  18. They don’t think romantic movies are dumb.

  19. They cry at sad endings.

  20. They have good taste

  21. in food

  22. in clothes

  23. in shoes

  24. in music.

  25. They can tolerate sentimental love songs.

  26. They help with the dishes.

  27. They care about how they look when they go outside.

  28. They watch their manners.

  29. They don’t spit anywhere

  30. or pee anywhere.

  31. They don’t have “commitment issues” with you (just with other men).

  32. They understand your facial expressions

  33. and your body language.

  34. They can tell if you’re disappointed.

  35. They let you finish when you’re talking.

  36. They don’t always have to be right.

  37. They see you as an equal.

  38. They don’t pressure you into anything (of course, because they’re not interested in you that way).

  39. They have no problem with you looking at other guys (except when that guy is their “boy friend”)

  40. and even tell you which guys are hot.

  41. They can easily get how you feel.

  42. They can appreciate poetry.

  43. They can write poetry.

  44. They know how to listen. (Did I mention that already?)

  45. They’re concerned about what you want.

  46. They’re really good dancers

  47. with good social skills, too.

  48. They can carry on a good conversation

  49. and be the life of the party.

  50. They’re very creative.

  51. They can be very protective of you.

  52. They tell you “that guy’s a jerk” (which, to you, sounds like they’re saying “I’m not a jerk and would never hurt you,” when in fact they’re just being good “girl” friends).

  53. They’re the one you can always run to when you get your heart broken

  54. and you can cry on their shoulder

  55. and wait for them to sweep you off your feet

  56. but they never do (duh!)

  57. so it leaves you hanging

  58. and since women like mystery,

  59. you keep hoping because they treat you real nice.

  60. They let you talk all you want.

  61. They let you cry if you want to.

  62. If you’ve put on some weight they help you lose some pounds

  63. and sometimes even lie about it so as not to hurt you,

  64. instead of just flat out telling you how fat you are.

  65. They don’t look at other women’s backsides

  66. or even turn their heads to look at other women (Psh.)

  67. They haven’t dated too many girls

  68. or haven’t dated any girl at all

  69. which makes you think you’re the one and only love of their life (Wake up!)

  70. They like to give you hugs (which you may interpret as something else)

  71. and pecks on the cheek (All the more reason to think they really like you)

  72. but the hugs and kisses don’t really mean anything (But you don’t know that).

  73. They don’t switch the channel to watch football

  74. or basketball

  75. or wrestling

  76. or boxing

  77. or war movies.

  78. They’re less likely to be addicted to computer games

  79. and shooting games

  80. and war games

  81. and onlinewar games.

  82. They don’t have the freakish urge to buy a gun

  83. or go to the shooting range and just watch the guns.

  84. They don’t bore you talking about cars

  85. and baseball

  86. and football

  87. and basketball

  88. and guns.

  89. They can appreciate the sunrise

  90. and the sunset

  91. and the rain

  92. and the stars.

  93. They always tell you how beautiful you are

  94. and how great that color looks on you.

  95. They don’t need to take a break from you and hang out with “the guys”

  96. because you are their best friend (but secretly you’re hoping that’s one step closer to a real relationship)

  97. and if they haven’t said anything maybe it’s just too difficult to blurt the words

  98. because maybe they love you too much.

  99. They don’t hit you when they lose their temper

  100. and they know how to listen (Wait, did I mention that already?)

  101. They listen.


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