Saturday, December 16

50 Signs Your Relationship is On The Rocks

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  1. He spends less and less time with you personally.

  2. He spends less and less time with you on the phone.

  3. When you’re together, his attention is on other things.

  4. He stares at other girls

  5. or worse, other guys.

  6. He forgets your anniversary.

  7. He forgets your birthday.

  8. He forgets your mother’s birthday.

  9. He forgets a lot of things

  10. like forgetting a date

  11. or forgetting to call

  12. or forgetting to kiss you goodbye.

  13. He keeps breaking his promises

  14. and stops keeping his word.

  15. He shouts back at his mom

  16. … when all she did was try to look out for him.

  17. It doesn’t bother him to see others in dire straits.

  18. He’d rather make a business call than help an old lady cross the street.

  19. He calls you fat.

  20. He calls you ugly.

  21. He criticizes a lot, without giving compliments to soften the blow.

  22. He doesn’t do housework.

  23. He believes women are inferior.

  24. He talks about and compares you to his previous relationships.

  25. He talks badly about other girls he’s dated.

  26. He keeps bringing up bad things about people in conversation

  27. and never mention the good things.

  28. He can’t take a joke.

  29. He can’t be talked to seriously.

  30. He squanders his money

  31. or is way too frugal.

  32. He stops opening the door for you

  33. or stops pulling the chair for you

  34. or stops giving you flowers

  35. or stops doing all those other things

  36. ‘cozif it were natural to him, he wouldn’t stop.

  37. So if he did stop, then it was all for show to begin with.

  38. He hits you.

  39. He tries to hit you.

  40. He motions to hit you…

  41. because whatever it is, it’s a very strong omen of domestic violence.

  42. He doesn’t leave you food

  43. or buy you food

  44. or give you food when you’re hungry.

  45. He’s not at all worried when you get sick,

  46. or still finds time for friends when you’re sick.

  47. He doesn’t respect his mother

  48. or care for his mother

  49. …cozlike they say, the man who cares for his mother

  50. knows how to care for his woman.


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