How to Manage Back Pain at Home

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Back pain can be a dread and especially if you have to return to work. It’s hard to work or live with chronic back pain. You should do something about it. You can get back pain from your job or sports injuries or just incorrect working ergonomics. You will need to pay attention and stop the factors that gives you back pain. However, you can alleviate your back pain until you find a better solution at home. Here’re some tips to help you with your back pain.


It’s good to use ice for the first 48 hours since ice reduce inflammation and heat will increase inflammation so you should not use heat right away even though it feels better. You should use heat after 48 hours and do take your ice pack off every 20 minutes to give it a rest. You can use an ice pack that you have or make or a pea pack that everyone has in their freezer.

Keep on being active

When you’re moving around, you give your back a chance to get back to do it’s jobs. Your back is just like the rest of your body. They’re meant to be moved so you should not stop your normal function because you’re having problems unless it’s broken, then you need to rest.

Work your muscles

When you build muscles, they will help support your back  and the rest of your body. You can work your back extensor muscles and just building muscles around your back will help support it. Abdominal crunches can put stress on your back. Weight can also gives you back pain. Losing weight will also help your body to stay in top condition.

Yoga and stretching

Stretching will be really helpful for your back. You will find that it’s pain relieving to stretch daily. You should stretch when you’re sitting down at work for 8 hours. You should stretch daily. This will help reduce back pain and sore.

Correct ergonomic

You should use chairs and tables so that you don’t have to work hard for your body. You won’t have to put your body in stress. If you’re sitting and reaching for things in weird positions then you need to sit straight and have your feet and hands parallel. You need to do this daily so you don’t end up with back pain.

OTC medication

You can try an o t c pain reliever like Motrin to help with your back pain and it does help. If you can’t relieve it at home then you can get a heavier or better pain reliever with your doctor.


You should get rid of smoking because it can lead to osteoporosis and can lead to weaken bones and thus back pain. You should have good posture so that you’re not twisting your body. You should wear lower heels shoes because you put pressure on your back bones. You should watch your weight because weight can put pressure on your back. When it’s consistent, you need to go to the doctor and get help.


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