How to Live Healthier

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Work out daily

Exercise is the best medicine, so you should work out and you will be much healthier, your body will thank you for it. The problem with us Americans is that we have a desk to chair relationship for 40 hours a week so we need to get more active. We are currently having problems with obesity and health problems in the US, but other country are doing better in this department compare to us.

Stop eating high fats food

Americnas love fast food and that’s why our children are just overly obese. Fast food is not healthy and it’s not good. You would rather spend $6 on a plate of Chinese, at least, it taste better. You have to cross fast food off of your list.

Keep on moving

You should keep on moving and exercise daily. A sendetary lifestyles is not desirable and you will get a lot of illness that way. You should move around and get exercising.

Have friends

Friends will help you when you have mental problems or emotional problems. It’s therapeutic to have friends. You got to have friends and go out as often as you can.

Protect yourself

When you’re sexually active, you should always protect yourself because there are nasty std out there and Aids as well so always don on latex. I suggest that you carry it everywhere just in case you run into the situation.

Clean up your home

When you clean up your home, it will be cleaner and it will keep you from illness. A dirty home will foster bacteria growth.

Avoid salt

Salt will increase your blood pressure and increase your chances of having heart dieseas so you should cut it out as often as possible. You can use herbs instead of salt to season your food.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are the top killers for everyone. It makes you unhealthy and you will have a high chance of contracting cancer later on in life. It’s never a good idea to start smoking or drinking. It’s not healthy at all.

Get a lab check

You should get a lab panel check for lipids, and other hormones abnormality. This will help identify your health problems.


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