Saturday, December 16

How to go Green And Save Money at Home

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Hand wash clothing

You will save a lot of money and save the environment if you learn to hand wash your sensitive clothing. Not everything needs to be machine wash and clothing get ruin faster in the washer anyways.

Wear warm or light clothing

You can reduce your heater usage if you wear light clothing or warm clothing. This will make it warmer and cooler for you.

Turn off heater

You should turn off the heater if you don’t use it because the heater will cost you a lot of money. If you don’t use it, you should turn it off. There are some people who will turn everything on in the house and it’s not right.

Hang dry clothing

You should hang dry your clothing because they need to be hang dry sometimes. Certain clothing should not be dry in the dryer or else they would get smaller or dull. However, you will save tons of money if you hand wash regularly like your fragile clothes and hang them dry in your back yard. You will save yourself a lot of money this way.

Do it yourself

You can save yourself a fortune by doing things yourself. You don’t need to hire the professionals for every little thing. You can delegate to your relatives or friends too. You will be amazed at how much you will save when you do it yourself.

Clean up and dispose properly

You should clean up your trash and dispose it properly in the trash bin and not litter because litter will cause problems in the environment and the water alley. Each of us can do a little to make the environment better.

Turn off lights

When you don’t use it, you should turn it off. Lights cost a lot so they don’t need to be on if you’re sleeping. You can use candles instead when you’re just watching the TV or something like that.

Teach your family to go green

You can teach your children to save and recycle. It’s important that they pick up good habits.


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