How to Help Your Acne Get Better

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Eat less oily food

Food with oils will give you acne. You should not eat high oily food. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Don’t wear foundation or makeup

Foundation and makeup will definitely create more dirt and oil and increase your chances of having acne.

Use medication

If your dermatologists prescribe your something, you should use it to treat your acne. It’s necessary for your acne and it will help. Medication will work on your skin.

Get facial

You should get a facial since it will help get rid of dirt and oils. This will lower your chances of having acne. It’s great to get those old cells out of the way.

Clean face

You should clean your face as much as possible. When you clean your face, you will have lesser chances of having acne. A face full of oils or dirt will create more acne.

Reduce stress

When you reduce stress, you will also reduce your bad hormones and improve your appearances and health.


Exercise is the best medicine. It will help you reduce stress and secretes good hormones for your body. You will need to exercise. Exercising is the best medicine and it will do wonder for your acne problems.


Relaxation will help reduce stress and in turn will help reduce acne. Stress plays a big factor in acne productions. You should reduce your stress level and this will help reduce your acne. You can relax via meditation or sleeping or taking a mini nap during the day and go out more.


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