How to Prevent Suicide

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School violence

School violence can give kids reasons to commit suicide. Parents should keep a check on their kids and how they do in school. You have read in the papers where 12 years old kill themselves in the bathroom because they have been bullied to death. It’s important that you talk to your kids about school bullying and how to avoid it. Your kids should not hang around after school and they should always hang around in a place where there are teachers or personnel of the school like at the library. High school is very dangerous for kids so you should be careful with your children. My little siblings couldn’t make it out of HS without an arm and a leg missing so you should talk to your kids.

Home violence                                                                         

You should talk to your kids about not fighting with each other. You should also refrain from fighting with your partners to the point where you would fight. Home violence is also dangerous so they should reduce home violence as much as possible.

Emotional difficulty

If someone in your home has emotional problems, you should talk to them instead of letting them lose control. Emotional problems are difficult so it’s not ok to let your family members suffer on their own. Perhaps, professional counseling will be able to help them. Some people might need to go on medications to help them with their depression or bipolar problems. There are many people out there who have an illness but they just don’t know it.

Mental illness

Mental illness can lead people to suicide. They might not be able to help themselves. You have to get them help. Mental illness can make people want to commit suicide.


Homelessness can make people want to kill themselves. Homelessness can make peole depress and they can die out of hunger and health problems.


Drugs can make people want to kill themselves. Drugs are very dangerous. You should talk to your kids about drugs. It’s not a joke to play around with drugs.


Counseling can help if you or your family is having serious emotional problems.


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