Sports in Human Life

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Sports  is as old as mankind. From the cave man of stone age to the IT man of the cyber age, sports has continued its irresistible appeal. Activities undertaken by human beings for the sake of fun, frolic and pleasure   and  not merely for the maintenance of livelihood can be categorized as Sports activities.

In ancient times games like Athletics were popular. With the growth of civilization various other games like Cricket, Hockey, Long jump, Shooting, Skating,-list is endless- have evolved. Human beings have also developed various indoor games like carom, chess, table tennis etc. Bullfighting, cockfighting, horse racing are also some of the games practiced in various parts of the world.

Apart from giving pleasure, Sports activities promotes physical wellbeing .It generates a sense of healthy competitive spirit which is a sine-quanon for development of civilization. Sportsmanship stimulates a desire to excel and thus promotes development wholesome personality of the man. Swami Vivekanand while addressing the youth of India stated” Heaven is nearer through football than through Gita”. Sportsmanship involves  acknowledging even adoring   the superior qualities  of the competitor and setting an internal goal to excel the rival .

In modern days international sports events like Asian Games, Commonwealth Games ,Olympic games  are going a long way in promoting universal peace and brotherhood in the world. However ,of late, pristine purity of sports arena is being sullied by scandals of match fixing, allegation of doping, use of drugs etc. Healthy sportsmanship is on the wane. Respect for the rival is decreasing day by day. Spirit  of Machiavalism is ruling the roost in the field of Sports. This is due the impact of modern materialistic world characterized by worship of the mammon.  In spite of this, still sports and games are the only beacon of hope to promote universal brotherhood among nations riven by differences of region ,religion and ideology. 


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