Falling in Love-Making Friendship

Falling in love is a common phenomena.  Why people fall in love?  Because nobody rises after falling in love.  The phrase itself is very significant.  It is a falling from intelligence to instinct, falling from conscious to unconscious.  The  English word love originated from Sanskrit word ‘lobh’ which means greed. Love is a hidden greed.  How lobh became love – none knows.  The original root of love is ‘lobh’.

Love is the highest value in life.  It can not be reduced to stupid rituals or emotional blackmailing.   Love and freedom go together.  Only one can not be chosen leaving the other.  Freedom, in fact, is an expression of love.  If a couple living neither independent nor dependent but  tremendously synchronized, like one soul in two bodies-name it love.  Love has happened.  Very rarely, if it happens, a part of paradise falls on the earth.

Whereas friendship is absolutely human.  Friendship is sharing but not making use of people on the name of friendship. A friend in need is a friend indeed is a popular proverb.  Now, it is slightly changed to-a friend in need is no friend of mine.   When you are in danger, you expect your  friend to come for aid.  Friendship is not a market place  but relates to the temple and it has a spiritual dimension.  There is no inbuilt mechanism in biology for friendship.  So, people rise in friendship but do not fall.

The whole Universe is to be befriended!  If we are friendly with a dog, it becomes friendly to us  So also with trees including a rose bush.  Rather than creating friendship, create friendliness.   The whole existence is sensitive. Transform the whole  existence into a friend towards you. So, befriendly! 

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