Sunday, December 17

Transfer Data Using Sound Waves

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gelomb20101227164149.JPGYamaha recently announced it is developing and testing how to use sound waves as a means to send data between devices. Devices that emit sounds such as TV and radio will be able to send information through high-frequency sound signals on certain devices like the iPhone.

This can be done using the sound signal with high frequency 18KHz, which can be produced by a variety of audio devices currently available.

Technology companies have been tested by Yamaha in Japan using the iPhone is equipped with special applications, allowing mobile phones to take an audio broadcast is then translated into a URL for browsing the web.

In the early stages, the speed of data on this technology is still very limited ie 80bps. However, high speed for Infosound not everything, because the technology is designed for audio devices can send data in the form of additional information for the user.

Infosound can be sent through a signal frequency that is inserted into the broadcast voice broadcasting which is then translated by the smartphone, so users get a detailed explanation about the music they are listening as well as about the movie they saw. This technology can also be used to send the ad impressions.

According to Yamaha, this technology is not affected by noise, so users do not need to adjust the position of their speakers. Meanwhile, the effective distance of about 10 meters for the technology could function properly. Unfortunately there is no definite information, when this technology will approach every family room.


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