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Why You need Wireless Earbuds. Kleer or Not. 

Many people have seen and use some type of Bluetooth wireless device. This technology is found in many phones, mp3 players and other portable devices. If you are sick of getting tangled up in wires there is an alternative. Kleer has many benefits over traditional bluetooth devices. Let’s look at what these may be.

Kleer claims it has invented a better way of transmitting music over wireless.

Kleer Wireless Over Bluetooth 

Currently a big problem with Bluetooth is its lack of fidelity. Kleer believes it has solved this problems It is capable of sending wireless music in CD quality sound. This is much better that Bluetooth which currently transmits at 320kbp/s. In most cases Bluetooth does not even attempt these speeds. Another advantage of Kleer is that it does not suffer and degradation of quality for most types of audio.

Advantages of Kleer Wireless Earbuds 

There are also a few more issues that this new protocol was able to resolve The channel that Kleer products use are not susceptible to RF interface like Bluetooth. Most transmission remain consistently clear.

You are also able to share the same wireless transmission with up to for other devices. Event though this is a neat feature it will not be used vary often. Most people have specific tastes which is why they prefer the privacy of headphones or earbuds.

Another huge bonus with Kleer is the fact that it generally uses less power than traditional Bluetooth. It does this by using fewer channels to transmit. This can have a significant savings on battery. Kleer will also adjust the power output relative to how far the transmitter is away from the receiver.

The final feature is the distance of signal Kleer can send. Kleer can send significantly further distances at better qulality when compared to Bluetooth. This allows you to keep your transmitter and portable device in a stationary location while you move around free from wires and things hanging off your hip.

Why Isn’t Kleer More Popular? 

You may ask. Why isn’t Kleer more popular than Bluetooth? Well, the technology is failry new. Kleer is very good at keeping a tight lid on its technology. It only allows specific devices to use its capabilities. Because of this, Kleer is able to charge over $100 for their devices. Just like any technology, Kleer should get cheaper as time goes on.

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