Billy Ray Cyrus Regrets Letting Miley Be On Hannah Montana – Was He Right To Tell The World?

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According to reports, Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus haven’t spoken since the incident where Miley smoked salvia from a bong. Billy Ray, however, went on to tell the world that Hannah Montana ruined his life and his family. If you recall, Billy Ray and wife Tish are now getting divorced, and Miley’s gone from a young girl to a girl who causes trouble, sings adult oriented songs like “I Can’t Be Tamed” and dresses beyond provocatively.

Billy Ray’s claiming that Hannah Montana made Miley famous, which changed who she was, and it also tore his family apart. He also claims that he was paid next to nothing for his appearances on Hannah Montana, which is basically saying that Disney took advantage of him.

So, was Billy Ray right to put Miley on blast to the media, despite the fact that he’s not speaking to Miley? I’m torn, and here’s why.

Here’s why I say no:

If Billy Ray wants a reconciliation with daughter Miley, this isn’t going to help. Going to the media’s caused crazy problems in families like the Sheens and the Lohans, so Billy Ray doing this will probably cause a bigger rift in the Cyrus family.

Apparently, Billy Ray’s caught Michael Lohan’s attention, and Michael wrote an open letter to Billy Ray showing his concern. Now, while offering sympathy and help is great, Michael Lohan isn’t exactly a reputable source, and I’m sure Miley’s not thrilled to hear that Mr. Lohan is trying to interfere with her family.

Was Miley wrong in the things that she did? Absolutely. As an actress on a children’s show, she becomes a role model by default, whether she likes it or not. But should Billy Ray add fuel to the fire by outing his problems with Miley? Probably not.

Messing with Disney’s not a good idea. Billy Ray’s basically putting Disney on blast for ruining his daughter and his family, and for grossly underpaying him (his words). He could have had a future in Disney productions, and he may have just ruined that chance.

The interview can be viewed as Billy Ray blaming everyone but himself for Miley’s problems – I’m not saying I agree, but it opens the door for additional criticism that may not have been present before the interview.

Here’s why I say yes:

Billy Ray needed to clear his name, at least in this small way. He got a lot of heat for condoning Miley’s scantily clad dancing (remember the pole dancing incident?) and her inappropriate actions. This was a good way to say ‘Hey, I didn’t approve!’ and let the world know that while he loves Miley, he knows her actions were wrong and he did not support them.

He also needed to tell the world (and his family) his intentions – he wishes his family was still together and regrets his parenting mistakes…although they weren’t necessarily mistakes when they began. Being on Hannah Montana was great at first for the family, but by the time it became toxic and a mistake, it was too late to walk away.

Billy Ray needed some favorability from the public after the multiple Miley scandals. And he had the chance to get with this interview. He talks about his family doing religious things, like Miley helping a blind friend hear God and the family getting Baptised together, in order to gain favor from the religious crowd. That’s what show business is about – gaining and maintaining public favorability. I’m not sure his plan worked, but you can’t say he didn’t try.


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