Thursday, December 14

Revolution Across North Africa

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There’s a lot of serious news these days.  Egypt explodes and now the military are on the spot.  Libya, Ghadaffi mows ‘em down.  Bahrain is ecstatically conscious they are fed up with the Royal Family. 

Wisconsin the birthplace of The Union now seeks to dismantle an already wounded contracted mass, albeit less so, of state workers.  Europe’s recession continues.  South America, Asia, Australia, the Orient, ditto.

How does one respond to these crises among mankind?  So much division, warfare and slaughter!  One could despair of it so easily. 

One could react.  That involves condemnation.  It includes comparison and competition, aggression, continuing disorder.  It applies Real Politic, for example.  Kissinger says we should wait it out and support whatever keeps oil cheap.  Obama dances a complicated pirouette along the ornate fences running through North Africa and Israel.  Within each so-called trouble spot, there are forces sowing seeds both necessary and perfidious.  Revolution is more than renaming the streets and calling the place a new city.  It involves something more revolutionary than that.

I say respond by seeing the entire spectrum of change and danger, the entire gamut of propaganda and political competition, the ruthless nature of power, the uncertainty, the need for action, and the necessary unfolding of The New.   

One may labor in the folds of suffering humanity, bereave the loss of status of women, and pray for unity, peace, cooperation and a New World.  But essentially I watch this fact of evil and conflict, Armageddon, and the despoilment of our globe: hunger and marginalization, the machinations of The Rich, the eternal contrivances of Man to keep an edge on survival. 

Our religions, our political parties, our armies and navies and so-called ideals have predominated for millennia.  What have they wrought?  Look around:  overpopulation, immense inequality, the perpetuation of greed, dominance, and righteousness.

I see the fact of Mankind’s Total Poverty.  We continue in the tradition of Denial.  Slicing a bit off the Defense Budget, squeezing the Rich a bit, enraging the teachers and trimming the Health Budget without Republican Death Panels, Arizona, may be incumbent.  Rolling with the Middle East, hoping to avoid war and holding Israel to higher standards may be good measures and necessary but I ask, What is Revolution?

Revolution is the inner violence that addresses the Ego and its excesses.  It is the complete cleansing of the Temple.  Not Rome or Washington but the Temple of The Holy Spirit so despoiled in the foulest sins of flesh and ambition.  Our very Selves, our Sacred Temples, require Baptism, Enlightenment, Resignation to certain eternal patterns, and, not least, the awareness one actually breathes life from moment to moment.



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