Sunday, December 17

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Ascension Power Node Easter Egg of Glory!

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The map has only been out for a short while now; and Black Ops Zombies fans around the globe are pulling out their hair and chomping at the bit, trying to figure out the secret, to possibly the best Zombie Easter Egg, ever. I have officially named this Zombie Easter Egg of Wonder, The Gersh Device Conspiracy, mostly because of the involvement of the new Gersh Device weapon and the amount of controversy between gamers, as to how to accomplish this Zombie Easter Egg of Wonder, and as to what the final results of the gem will be.

So far, from the information I have obtained from other gamers I have played with on XBOX Live and from what I have researched in Black Ops forums; there are a couple of crazy possibilities. One of which is the return of the Pack-A-Punched PP-SH, The Reaper, from Call of Duty: World at War’s Der Riese, and a possible final Boss Enemy which just may happen to be, the mysterious. Samantha!

It all began when someone accidentally threw a Gersh Device Black Hole Bomb outside of the map near the PHD Flopper Perk Machine, and it mysteriously sucked in this flashing power node like device! I tried it to see if it would work, and I was amazed when this mysterious man started talking about how he needed more power, as I watched the power node get sucked into the dark nothing of the black hole. This is the same mystery man that speaks to you in the beginning of Round 1; asking for your help, to restore power, before “She” comes.

Apparently this was the start of the most extensive Zombie Easter Egg that gamers would ever encounter in Black Ops Zombie Mode! The Space Monkeys also seem to play a part in the fun and games, and possibly more ways than one. When killed, the Cosmic Silverbacks release a red energy force that seems to play a part in solving the riddles of The Gersh Conspiracy. Perks also play a big part in this Zombie Easter Egg of Wonder and perhaps hints of a hidden room accessed through a secret unofficial 4th Lunar Lander?

Whatever else lies ahead in this treasure hunt of many riddles, we must wait and see. The only way to find out is to play more and more, until the clues are uncovered throughout the gaming community. Brew me up another pot of coffee; it’s going to be a long night! 


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