Pickles And Pickled Vegetables

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Many years ago a person discovered how to preserve vegetables for the purpose of consumption when it was not possible to grow and eat fresh vegetables. You see, vegetables are grown seasonally and they soon rot or spoil within a week or days after they have been harvested.

One truly popular method of preservation that allows us to have the nourishment within those vegetables, even months or years after those vegetables were harvested, is called pickling. You better believe that at one time or another someone has pickled or tried to pickle every vegetable that is grown for consumption.

Over the years, preserved cucumbers became known as pickles. Yum! Yum! I love pickles, and I also love a host of other pickled vegetables, the list of which is about as long as my arm.

In the case of pickles, cucumbers are cleaned and then put into a solution of brine or vinegar, together with several other herbs, spices and other things like garlic, onions, salt, water and minerals. If you haven’t already guessed, there are several kinds of pickles; the flavor of each depends on the addition of those other ingredients. After a day or a week or several weeks those cucumbers are transformed into pickles and ready for you to eat.

Yes, there are sweet pickles, dill pickles, sour pickles, garlic dilled pickles or whatever other ingredients associated with the final result. You can eat them right from the jar or you can create a relish tray full of many different kinds of pickles, as well as fish cold cuts, carrots, onions, garlic cloves and other picked vegetables. Cheese is a good compliment to such items, as well as onions, radishes, celery, mushrooms and carrots.

Yes, and many of the above pickled items are also condiments for fish and meat. So too, you can also pickle many kinds of meat or fish. With the right ingredients and equipment, and glass jars, any person can pickle cucumbers or any other desirable vegetable.

Beside pickles, I also love pickled tomatoes, pickled onions, pickled beef, pickled herring, pickled peppers, pickled hot chili peppers, pickled banana peppers and pickled carrots. They are all truly flavorful foods that certainly put a whole lot of joy into my life, not to mention olives that are stuffed with, anchovies, garlic or pickled red peppers.      


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