Thanksgiving: Not All Turkey Stories

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 As one approaches the festivity of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated the last Thursday of the month of November do we really know the whole truth about it? At school we celebrate sometimes dressing up as pilgrims and Native Americans, where the Native Americans offer food and welcome the newcomers onto the land.

The actual date of the first Thanksgiving is up for discussion, since it may be earlier, but it is widely believed that it occurred in the year 1621 at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, and since that date has gone down in history because of the meal, now a day the meal is the essential part of Thanksgiving besides giving thanks.

However other places also observe this holiday for the same or other reasons, one close to the U.S is the Canadian Thanksgiving which is celebrated on the second Monday of October and this one dates back to 1578, when Martin Frobisher, an English explorer, was working on finding a north passage to get to the Pacific Ocean and later made it home safely therefore he was giving thanks to that. Now it is more associated with harvest celebrations and with cornucopias, pumpkins, and corn and wheat sheaves.

Another place that celebrates Thanksgiving is the Netherlands especially since a lot of the pilgrims that ended up in Plymouth had lived in a city called Leiden for ten years up to 1620, where a lot of people recorded birth and marriages at Pieterskerchurch, a late gothic church. So to commemorate the hospitality given, on the morning of the United States Thanksgiving, a service of being thankful is held.

Then there is Grenada, the island and Commonwealth Realm which includes other six islands, located north of Trinidad and Tobago and northeast of Venezuela, and also celebrates a Thanksgiving. The national holiday is observed on October 25th however it honors the anniversary of the invasion of the island by the United States in 1983, in response of the execution of the then Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, whom during his office no election were held because of a ban on all the other parties and no constitution was in place.

And the last country to observe this holiday called Thanksgiving is Liberia, which lays in the west part of Africa and bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire and the Atlantic Ocean and they celebrate a day of giving thanks the first Thursday of November.


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