Zio’s Kitchen in Houston, Texas: A Very Short Overview

Zio’s Kitchen is an Italian restaurant located in the northwest side of the city, and it offers a very nice family casual dining experience with an open kitchen and brick oven and it is great for big events if you need reservations from twenty to forty people, as they tend to excel in customer service with bigger groups. The restaurant is located at 14915 North Freeway between Century Plaza Drive and East Airtex.

 For appetizers you can go with the Italian stuffed mushrooms which come with cream cheese, ricotta, parmesan, spicy Italian sausage and crisp pepperoni, or the simple yet juicey fried mozzarella for $5.29.

A really great thing about Zio’s Kitchen is that they have a nice gluten free menu and the food actually tastes good. Some of the items that you can order the baked formaggio which is a mix of five cheeses and Italian herbs and then baked and topped with Kalamata olive relish for $4.99, or for their entrées go with the Greek pasta which is chicken breast sautéed in garlic and olive oil with olives, green onions for $9.29 or the shrimp limone which is sautéed shrimp artichoke hearts, fresh mushrooms and tomatoes in a lemon cream sauce for $10.99 or even the Ribeye Toscano which comes grilled with seasonal vegetables for $17.99.

Their desserts are moist and enormous, which means that you will not be able to finish it but you can bring it home and you can get the chocolate strata cake which is rich chocolate cake alternating with three layers of butter cream frosting and topped with a chocolate ganache for $5.99, or the Italian cream cake which is chopped pecans and coconut baked into three moist layers of cake with a rich cream cheese frosting for $5.39. Or even the traditional tiramisu for $4.99 or for a smaller dessert go with the sizzling apple pie which comes on a skillet with vanilla ice cream and a Brandy sauce for $5.99.

The service in general gets a B- because it is really good with big parties, however lower than average if it’s a table of four or less.

The food gets a B+ because it tastes good especially the gluten free menu items, however sometimes they go overboard with the sauce in their pasta plates, but their pizzas turn out really good.

The prices get an A because they are more than reasonable and affordable.

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