Six Natural Sunburn Remedies

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  1. Yogurt:  You can apply yogourt to your body as if it were a cream.  It will hidrate your skin and will diminish the burning sensation that your skin gives off.  It will also help prevent your skin from flaking away once the sunburn begins to heal.  Apply to the skin and wait for the yogurt to dry.  You should notice an improvement in your condition.
  2. Tomatoes:  Apply tomato slices to the burnt portion of your skin.  It will help your skin become smoother.  Keep the tomato slices on your skin until most of the water seeps out.
  3. Egg Whites: Apply egg whites to your skin for thirty minutes.  It can help calm the pain that your burnt skin will be giving off.
  4. Vinegar:  Rub vinegar on to your burnt skin and you will notice an easing of pain and burning.  This remedy can be sprayed on with a spray bottle or rubbed.  Mix with water so you don’t use too much vinegar.
  5. Honey:  Mix with some olive oil and rub onto affected areas.  It will bring you some relief.
  6. Aloe Vera:  Aloe vera is probably the most effective natural remedy for sunburns that you can apply.  The gel will naturally heal your skin and is good for other skin problems beside sunburn.  Apply liberally.

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