Israeli Mossad Assassinations

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Mossad is an Israel’s intelligence service with an external field of competence (i.e., intelligence).The original name of the Mossad (the Institute) sounded Institute for Coordination (ha-Mossad le-Teumi) won its current name in 1963. Its remit covered the collection of information, planning and implementation of operations outside the territory of the State of Israel and the coordination of all activities of the intelligence services of Israel abroad (CIA performs a similar function in the U.S. or MI6 in the UK).

Mossad’s headquarters are located in Tel Aviv. It is headed by a Director who is directly responsible to the Prime Minister, since the Mossad is not subject to the control of the Israeli parliament.

The Mossad operates approximately 2200 employees). Mossad does not use the civil service and military rank. Its rank was acquired during service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Mossad is divided into eight departments:

• Planning and coordination of operations

• Collecting information

• Political activities and relations (relations with foreign intelligence services and the States, which Israel does not has official relations)

• Human resources, finance, logistics and security

• Training

• Research

• Special operations including assassinations, paramilitary operations, sabotage and psychological warfare.

• Technology


The first great disaster of the newly created Mossad, when in Iraq, there were arrested more than 80 Jews who have created an extensive network carrying the Iraqi Jews to Israel. Stood before the court in 1928 and nine Jews Arabs who were accused of spying, illegal armament and bomb attacks against Jewish targets in Iraq (in an attempt to force the Iraqi Jews to emigrate by creating an atmosphere of fear). Despite the efforts of the Jewish Agency to rescue two of the defendants were sentenced to death (and hanging), 17 defendants were sentenced to various prison and 18 free. Another consequence of the collapse was not successful infiltration into the Iraqi army command.


Coming closer to the CIA. Mossad provides Americans information about the Eastern Bloc countries (derived from the Jews who emigrated from the Soviet bloc).


In Egypt, there were arrested members of a subversive spy network of Mossad, who conducted the operation of several bomb attacks against American and British targets. Moshe Marzouk and Shmuel Azzaro were executed by other members of the network and they were sentenced to prison (sentenced to life imprisonment in 1967 were exchanged for Egyptian prisoners of war). This incident later in Israel resulted in the “Lavon Affair.


Mossad managed to gain a complete manifestation of Khrushchev’s “The crimes of Stalinism” (the document was stolen from the estate of the Secretary-General Beirut PSDS, all the Eastern bloc of communist parties were given a copy of this secret paper), making the world aware of it. Text of secret speech was officially recognized until the Gorbachev era.


Kidnapping of Eichmann from Argentina to Israel and transfer him to the court.


Get information on former Nazi scientists ho developing rocket for Egypt. This was followed by an extensive campaign (Operation Damocles) against these scientists (one of them probably murdered). All ended with the arrest of some agents in Switzerland.


Mossad involved in the kidnapping and murder of the Moroccan opposition politician Ben Launches.


Getting intact MiG 21 fighter aircraft to obtain information about the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian air bases.


The fight against Palestinian groups, particularly in Europe. In 1972 Olympic Games which was occurred in Munich and the murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian organization Black September. Mossad in subsequent years gradually liquidated all the people who were in the leadership of Black September. In 1973 members of the Mossad killed an innocent Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer in the suspect of a man belongs to the Black September. Six Mossad agents were subsequently arrested and convicted Norwegian police.


The Mossad did not warn of imminent Egyptian-Syrian attack against Israel (Yom Kippur War) (although it should have news of the imminent attack), followed by the destruction of most Israeli positions. Only during the war, the performance of the Israeli intelligence service has improved.

At the “Spring of Youth” in Beirut, Israeli commandos landed and wipe out three leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).


Intelligence operations support for ball lightning, in which Israeli commandos freed the hostages and wipe out the Palestinian hijackers at Entebbe airport in Uganda.


In 1979, Mossad agents robbed the depot French nuclear power stations and subsequently destroyed by the explosion. In 1981, Israeli fighter-bombers attacked the Iraqi nuclear plant in Al-Tuwejtu.


Mossad and Shin Bet intelligence covering the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. The aim of this invasion was the final destruction of the PLO, or at least squeeze out of Lebanon. Fighting on the Israeli side also attended the Christian militias (called phalanges).


Mossad subsequently carried out 8000 Ethiopian Jews through Sudan to Israel and Belgium.


Intelligence preparation of an air attack against the headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Tunis (in reprisal for the murder of three Israeli tourists).


A former employee of the Israeli nuclear facility told the British press that Israel possesses nuclear weapons. He was subsequently lured to Rome where Mossad kidnapped him and brought him to justice in Israel.


Arrested an agent of Mossad Souana who deployed to the PLO in Great Britain in connection with the murder investigation of a Palestinian cartoonist, Ali al-Adhamiho. Palestinian killer made murder as revenge for the criticism of the PLO leadership.


Mossad intelligence provided coverage to the event in which Israeli commandos in Tunis wipe out one of the leaders of the Palestinian, Abu Jihad


Evacuation of Jews from war-torn Sarajevo.


Jewish extremist Yigal Amir assassinated the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Secret Service (including Mossad) has been criticized for his inability to prevent such actions. The result was the resignation of former head of Mossad.


Liquidation of Hamas leader Sheikh Khalil in Damascus.


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