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Famous Explorers And Navigators

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Surely you have learned about a few world famous explorers in elementary school. Do you know the most famous and totally disruptive moments in history in terms of travel and discoveries that are associated with them?

1. Marco Polo was an Italian merchant and explorer who trips to China in the years 1271-1294. His name is now associated with the popular travel books.

2. Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese navigator who first discovered the sea route to India, in the years 1497 – 1498.

3. Bartolomeu Dias was another Portuguese navigator, who sailed around the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa in the years 1487 – 1488. He tried to find a way to India by sea, but his countryman Vasco da Gama already appeared there.

4. Ibn Battuta was an Arab traveler, a Moroccan from Tangiers has undergone over the entire Islamic world, Central Asia and India to China. The whole journey took him from 1325 until the 1354.

5. Christopher Columbus is associated with the discovery of America (1492). But in reality the Vikings discovered America long before the Columbus.

6. Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian navigator and officer who served in the Spanish and Portuguese service.

7. Francis Drake was an English pirate and explorer who brought potatoes and tobacco in Europe.

8. Fernando Magallanes was another famous Portuguese navigator, who was in the Spanish service delivered by a western route around South America.

9. Willem Barents was a Dutch navigator and explorer who in 1594 sailed around Arctic Sea looking for new land and he discovered the Bear Island.

10. Abel Tasman was a Dutch navigator and explorer. He undertook a number of research trips to India and Japan. In 1642 in search of the southern continent with countries like Tasmania, New Zealand, Tonga and other island. He is also considered the first European who sails around Australia.

11. Vasco Nunez de Balboa was a Spanish conquistador, who was the first crossing the European Isthmus of Panama and saw the Pacific Ocean.

12. William Dampier was an English explorer who in 1679 attacked the Spanish ships in the Pacific Ocean. Since 1699 he led a research expedition to Australia, and discovered New Britain.

These explorers are the most famous travelers, who discover hidden parts of the world. For more detailed information about these great navigators you can browse them at Wiki Pedia website, where you can find a complete biography of each explorer with his photos. You can also watch a video documentry about these explorers on the official website of National Geographic channel or from the You tube video sharing website for free of cost.


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