Monday, December 18

God on The Earth.

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When God created this world, he used to be everywhere near and around the people listening to their  complaints and solving them immediately.   Sooner, this practice became  a torture for God because people were continuously  coming with complaints like illness, death, poverty, employment-all sorts of complaints and complaints.  Moreover, they are not concerned whether it is day or night.  Listening to their complaints for twenty four hours, God too got tired and lost interest in solving their problems.

Finally, God has decided to consult advisers to solve the issue.  They said-it was wrong to create a world in the first place; it was wrong for you to live in the world in the second place.  Now, time for you to escape otherwise people may kill you soon.  But, God found no secure place to escape. Someone suggested to go to Mount Everest.  God did not agree because he knew that Edmund Hillary will reach him and tell everyone to find God over on the Everest. Again buses, trains, restaurants, people, complaints  will continue.

Someone suggested to escape to Moon.  God did not agree saying that there is no place where man can not reach sooner or later.  At last, one old adviser whispered that there is only one place where man can not reach you.  You just get inside him, so that he will look for you everywhere but not look within himself.  God felt it sensible and since then living within human beings.  Find God within you without complaints.  


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