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A man goes into the hospital for some tests. The medical staff knocks him out, and when he comes around a doctor is peering over him, pulling up the eyelid, and wielding the reflex hammer. “Ah, I am glad you’re awake. I am afraid I have mixed news for you”, says the doctor. The man says, “Don’t hold back doc, and tell me the bad news first.”  We had to amputate your legs”, the doctor replied. The man then asks, “What is the good news?” “The man in the next bed wants to buy your slippers.”

Business promotions need not be expensive. The factors that play a major role in the success of a business are knowledge, qualification, and competitiveness. In addition, you would need a whole set of soft skills, including a positive attitude, and tact in dealing with people, even while being persuasive and motivational. First in How To Promote Your Local Business Online is getting the word out through every piece of paper, every electronic document, and every word that you can think of to properly label your business—it is brand building.

Build a site with free and useful information for people to read.  Word will spread and you will be sucking in traffic like a black hole. Once you have visitors arriving to see your free info, you have a captive audience to sell your goods to. In addition, use your favorite search engine to promote your business. Below are tips to help you build a winner site to promote your local business online and to compete in today’s tough economic environment.

Do not take website content for granted. Lack of content may say that you do not care if visitors do business with you or not. Stories and tips are the most-often read articles. If you can make a way for customers to remain current, then you have already done 90% of the work required to promote your local business online.

Show effort and interest – Find out your key factors for customer satisfaction by asking your customers in a survey, then concentrate very hard on delivering on these key factors. When faced with a complaint, the response should be, “How can I send this person away happy?”

Motivate buyers – Offer a gift, commission or a discount price. Ideally, if your business receives referrals from another business, refer businesses to the referrer whenever you can.

Build confidence – You have to be able to instill confidence that you are a trusted vendor.  Encouraging satisfied customers to positively about your business is the most cost effective form of promotion customer building confidence you will ever get.

– Assumes the sales – A lack of sales funnel assumes that just because you have a website that visitors will want to do business with you.

Use content to tell stories – Stories illustrate a specific idea or selling point. They are an effective vehicle for brand promotion on an emotional level. Also, a story about your company can boost brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Information Overload – While the site with little content under whelms the site with too much content over whelms the visitor. What you find acceptable and comfortable may turn large amount of visitors off. Therefore, you must attempt to find the perfect balance.  Standard recommendation is between 300 – 600 words per page. The idea here is to have enough text to have effective features and benefits presentation.

Consider making the home page the hub to your site. It should provide snippets of information about your others pages with links to individual pages that have the specific details.

Luckily, local businesses, carrying local products and services, do not need a huge, complex, and expensive website to be effective because the competition involves smaller area. Of the businesses that can be helped by local internet marketing are the following: chiropractor, computer retailer, travel agent, locksmith, massage therapist, insurance agent, real estate agent, mortgage broker, house cleaner service hardware retailer, plumber, auto repair, physician, dentist, florist, limousine service, accountant, auto dealer, lawyer, restaurant, flower shop, currency exchange, and movers, among a lot more.

Beat your competition. Learn how to promote your local business online!

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