Ways To Change Color Settings For All Users

 To change color settings for all users

Click to open Color Management.

Click the Advanced tab, and then click Change system defaults.

From the Device list in the Color Management – System Defaults dialog box, select the color device that you want to associate with one or more color profiles for all users on the computer that are using the default color settings for that device.

Do one or more of the following:

If you want to add a new color profile for the selected device, click Add, and then go to step 5.

If you don’t want a color profile to be associated with the selected device, click the color profile, click Remove, and then click Yes to disassociate the profile from the device. To continue, go to step 6.

If more than one color profile is selected for a device, click the color profile that you want to set as the default for that device, and then click Set as Default Profile. To continue, go to step 6.

In the Associate Color Profile dialog box, do one or both of the following:

If you want to specify a color profile that’s already installed on the computer, click the color profile in the list, and then click OK.

If you want to specify a custom color profile that isn’t already installed on the computer, click Browse, locate the custom color profile, and then click Add.

The selected color profile (or profiles) is now associated with the device and will be used to describe the color characteristics of that device.

(Optional) Do one of the following:

To save the association between the selected device and the current set of profiles that it uses, click Profiles, and then click Save associations. In the File name box, type a name for the device association, and then click Save.

To load a device association file so that the selected device uses the color settings that are specified in the association file, click the Profiles button, and then click Load associations. Locate and select the saved association file, and then click Open.

In the Color Management – System Defaults dialog box, click Close.

In the Color Management dialog box, click Close.

If the default color settings aren’t already being used (in which case, the Use my settings for this device check box is selected), you will be notified when you open Windows Color Management that the system default color settings have been changed. At that time, you can choose to merge those changes with your own settings or reset your color settings to match the new system default color settings for the selected device.

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