Saturday, December 16

Get a Good Deal on Car Insurance

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I am like most people, with very little time to spare, and not enough hours in the day. I now pay a lot of bills online in the evening, when I am on the computer. It is especially useful with car tax, because before it was possible to pay online, I used to line up with the rest of the world at our local post office, willing the queue to go down because I was , as usual, in a hurry. That was after I had searched for all my car document papers, which never seem to be in the same place twice, and no-one else has ever moved them.

Last year when my renewal came in, the quote was a bit steep. When I rang my insurers, they said it was because I was now 65. That statement made me feel I was over the hill and past it, as far as driving was concerned, but then I sat down and thought about it.

Am I past it really?

My sight and my health are good, I am physically fit, I swim, play badminton, and walk every where with my dog, in fact I am probably more active now than I was 10 years ago, as once I reached 60 I made up my mind that the saying, ” Use it or lose it,” could well apply to me.

As far as I am concerned, my age is just a number, so I went on the inter net to get a better quote. I found a wonderful introductory offer, which pleased me greatly, and they didn’t care about my age. Having said that, believe it or not, some companies refused to quote at all. I found that outrageous that they prejudged me, as I know someone of 30, with poor sight, and lots of physical ailments, and yet she is treated normally.

Well that was last year, but on renewal this year, when I am now heading towards 67, but no different, they tried to whop the price up again. So I hunted around and found another insurance company with an introductory offer

But it doesn’t pay to be loyal any more

For years I was loyal to the same insurance company, but it now looks as though I will have to change every year to get a decent price. It is hard to run a car these days, as petrol keeps rising too, but it’s my independence, and I’m not ready to lose it yet.

I would like to add, I have a maximum no claim bonus, and I am a safe driver, but I think these companies thrive on the fact that most people haven’t got time to compare prices, so they just pay up for convenience.

In fact, if someone else offers lower, they will usually lower the price. Shame on them, they should have kept it low in the first place!


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