Grand Prix Racing 2011

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Grand Prix Racing 2011

Brazilian Grand Prix 2007Brazilian Grand Prix 2007

Last year, there was a nail biting finish to the Formula One season of 2010 with Sebastian Vettel scooping the championship. The prediction had been that it would be either Mark Webber, or Alonso, but they both failed to do a good race that day.

Lewis Hamilton was always a contender, he finally finished fourth, but did have some good races during the season, and he won in Turkey, Canada, and Belgium. In fact if he had made placings in the races he didn’t finish, for one reason or another, he could well have beaten them all, as in most races, Lewis is amongst the top 4, and in each championship so far, he has always managed to be in the top 4 placings.

Why I am a Lewis Hamilton fan

Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton

If I sound biased, well I am, as if anyone had told me 5 years ago, that I would be a keen Formula One fan, I would have laughed at them. My partner sat there, eyes glued to the TV every other Sunday, watching Michael Scumacker win time out of number, and it did nothing for me.

Then along comes Lewis Hamilton, full of fighting spirit, talent and dedication, young and a little reckless with his moves, which didn’t always pay off. Every mistake he made was glorified by the Press, because that is what they do. But what about his fantastic wins? His determination to get the very best out of the car, even when it was clear it wasn’t performing like the Red Bulls and Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton has made Formula One exciting for me, so I know I will be following every race this year. He has announced that his new car is looking good, so my dearest wish is that he should regain his crown of 2008 again. He makes more mature decisions these days, he has shown he is human, by not always getting it right in the past, but that only endears him to me even more, and thousands of other fans too.



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