Saturday, December 16

Too Close For Comfort…

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Today as every day at work, seriously I love my job and hate it all at the same time.
My job at a local popular restaurant is very demanding, and working in this very small family business and none of the employees now are family, the owners do make us feel like family.
My fellow employees are demanding, all us including myself have and need a place to work, and to help this business thrive.  Although some take if very serious, and the tattle tails like to stir the pot, although we all need jobs, but why is there a problem?  Most of us have worked together for years now, but on every job or jobs there are those back stabbers, which really doesn’t set well with me.
Each of us has our own jobs and demands.  So why is it that they feel the need to step on someone else’s toes?  Well I would say it is beyond me, but it isn’t.
We are all tired, we work a 6 day work week, one day off, we all have life’s, most of us have children, and by the end of the week we could chew each other up and spit them out.
Long hard days in a very busy place, most days are like a train wreck, busy, really busy from 6 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. every single day.
We work in very close conditions, an old house serves as the restaurant, and the old kitchen and back porch are where we travel several hundred times a day, back and forth.  The dining room is the old living room and 2 bedrooms, a sun porch was added, and this makes room for around 50 to 60 people downstairs, upstairs in the attic, there is seating too.
Really these conditions of closeness, closed spaces, with no manners toward each other, in the push and shove parts of the day, or the heat of the moment times of a booked party, no time to say excuse me, or I am coming thru.
Basically we all care about each other, at the beginning of each day we greet each other, ask about the family etc. The closeness, the climate, and the push and shove environment we work in causes tempers to flare, and to feel hate for our co-workers.  This pressure and the need to be bossy, controlling and feel like they are in charge even though we have a manager, brings forth the tattle tails. 
This job is very mental and makes me mentally tired, leaving each day it the highlight of my day, coming home barely walking, and looking forward to the remote and the recliner is sad.  The life of my job has drained me, dragging me down, going to work when I wake up tired already.
All these moments can’t replace the moments of enjoying my job, the customers.  Actually this is a payoff for the bad times.  Knowing people by name, the hugs, the simple small talk, and yes these times are priceless.
Believe it or not, some people believe you should not have personal contact with customers, just serving them and talking and no visiting.  Get what they need and move on, All of us love to be pampered, known by name, greeted, at least I do.
So my beliefs are different than my co-workers.
Why is this? Because we are from different cultures and not being in agreement with most of the things they do, anyways.
The customers that come to our restaurant are regulars, so regular means knowing their name, and what they eat and drink.  Memorizing what people eat, drink, drive, makes my job easier, by having it ready a head of time.
Fighting a losing battle, my thoughts, verses my fellow employees, we can’t agree on the way I treat the customers, many of them are rude, and I have been told so by these customers.  Telling the customer I am personable, and they have their own way of waiting on customers.  But I don’t tattle on them, for being rude, but they can or feel the need to, when I visit a few moments for an old friend.
Actually I don’t work up stairs I work the drive-thru and when entering the dining room, people call me by name, chat, and most of the time am greeted with enduring hugs. This is the highlight of my day.
We disagree on talking, hugging, and plain ole being friendly, and me being plain ole me.
Not understanding the customers are the one that make sure we get paychecks, by visiting us, buying our food, keeps our job stable in this tough world.  The bonus is the tips by the way; we all know tips aren’t given for poor service, or rudeness, but for the one who pampers them, a few nice words and some minor conversation with good service.
For my fellow employees to realize how important it is to treat people the way you want to be treated as a customer, then our work will be as one.
Actually the customer is your boss, they remember when your short with them, they remember bad service, and who treated them politely, and as if they were tops in your book for the day. Understanding their needs are way before your own, my dad would say getting this message across to my fellow employees is like beating a dead horse.
So most of the disagreements are about the customers, which is sad, and how they should be taken care of, also the very cramped working environment we work in, working long hours, and 6 days a week.
Pressure to perform our jobs, the pressure of different cultures, are too close for comfort.


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