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Cure BV Permanently With These Powerful Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments.

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A Quick Look At The Nature And Causes Of BV….

BV is the result of an overgrowth of a harmful species of bacteria within your vagina called Gardenella, which keep growing in number and end up almost completely replacing all the good bacteria that used to be inside your vagina.

These bad bacteria smell quite foul and hence result in the fishy odors that most women get in BV. When this occurs, these harmful bacteria can result in a thick vagina discharge which causes a lot of distress for women with BV..

Harmful bacteria don’t just appear when you get BV, they are always around, just in fewer numbers. Their numbers are normally kept under control by a good species of bacteria called lactobacilli.

The good bacteria do their job by secreting bactericidal compounds into your vagina.

The overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria occurs whenever something happens to kill or disrupt the good Lactobacillus bacteria in your vagina, or when your immune system is weakened. This can result from a huge host of different things, a small number of which includes stress, diet and certain vaginal practices.

The Problem With Antibiotics…

Your doctor can only prescribe different antibiotics for your bacterial vaginosis. Despite being effective in the short-term, antibiotics don’t do much of a good job at getting rid of BV permanently.

In the majority of BV sufferers taking antibiotics, the bad bad bacteria simply grow back a few weeks or sometimes months after treatment. The second time roudn the BV is usually worse than the first.

When you take antibiotics for BV, they will do a great job at killing enough bacteria to stop your symptoms. But a small number of the bad bacteria always survive. Then you and your doctor cross your fingers and hope that your vagina will somehow RANDOMLY find its way back to its natural healthy state. But it’s widely known that most of the time the bad bacteria win the battle and your symptoms simply return in a few weeks.

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments That Last

The treatments that have both powerful yet lasting effects, involve remedies that address the vaginal environment instead of just kill off the excess bacteria.

A normal healthy vagina usually has a pH of around 3.8-4.5, with plenty of healthy lactobacilli that produce lactic acid to maintain the acidity and kill off harmful bacteria.

Natural and permanent treatments for BV work by restoring the acidity and lactobacilli count of your vagina and fortifying your immune system.

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