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Mars Olivier – Part Five – Mars Without Possibility of Parole

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Mars Olivier

Part Five:


Mars Without Possibility of Parole

Mars poured the last chemical component of his concoction into the air filtration system of his target’s office. He got significantly less work now he only accepted jobs which aided in attaining his goal. Because of this, he occupied his mind on the jobs he did get, by being a bit more creative than he would have been in the past. Such as the kill he was in the process of at the moment. When the target entered his office, the air system would automatically turn on just as it always did. The system would then fill the room with a toxic gas, which would slowly combine with the gas Mars had left in the office itself. When they combined enough to reach a volatile point, all the air in the office would explode. Long after Mars had left in the actual office. It was a lot less definite than the old way of doing things, but it was significantly more entertaining for Mars when he watched the CityTV footage on the news later on.

The chemical gases all set up now, he calmly walked out of the office, got in his car and told the GPS where it was going. These days it drove abiding by the laws, unless he told it to do otherwise. Because of this, he found himself in a traffic jam somewhere in the 32nd City. The music blared loudly as Mars began to lazily stare at his surroundings through the windows. Most of it was simply an unending wall of glass. But as he looked, he noticed a very small balcony on one of the apartments. A woman with almond shade skin and red hair sat there with her body twisted into an awkward position. Mars opened his sun roof and peered upwards through the city levels for a better look at the strange woman. It didn’t take him long to notice that natural light fell on that balcony, which was why she was seated in such an odd way.

Mars hurriedly told his car to go over to that balcony. On the way over there he was cut off while trying to turn around, by a small purple car which ran a red light. It seemed his father’s creations were starting to notice the glory of the free thought he had granted them. He would’ve been happier about it, if it hadn’t almost sent his car spiraling down 32 cities.

He made it to the balcony at the same times as the woman was about to walk inside. Hurriedly he wound down his window. “Hi!” He called out, smiling to the woman with the red hair. “I’m Mars.”

At first she seemed annoyed at having been approached in such a way, but suddenly she appeared to notice that Mars, like herself, was visibly different to most other people. “Liz.” She smiled. “Why don’t you park your car and chat inside here, rather than holding up the traffic?” As a reply, Mars opened the door and climbed over the balcony. He then shut the door, leaned through the window and instructed the GPS to park itself.

The two-free thinkers chatted for over an hour that day, and met up on the balcony with the natural sun overhead everyday after that for many years.

Eventually they would have a child; a boy who they conceived naturally, without genetic engineering, or brain prostheses. As an adult, Taye Olivier would continue the work of his father, and grandfather. He would also build up an impressive amount of speeding fines, and begin a Ground Level gambling den which helped a lot with paying the fines. His good deeds outweighed his faults though, and there were many free-thinkers who appreciated having a gambling den.

The End

Don’t like ads? The complete Mars Olivier is now available as a PDF for $2.50 usd through Lulu.


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