Basic Information About Pulse

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Types of Pulse

There are six different types of pulse.These are:

  1. Bigeminal Pulse.This type of pulse is one in which two regular beats are followed by a longer pause than normal.
  2. Collapsing Pulse.It is the pulse which strikes feebly against the finger then, subsides abruptly.
  3. Corrigan’s pulse or the Water Hammer Pulse.This type is a jerky pulse with a full expansion followed by sudden collapse.
  4. Dicrotic Pulse.It is a pulse which has two marked palpable in one beat of the artery
  5. Labile Pulse.It is the pulse in which its rate and other characteristics are normal when patient is resting, but increases when he sits up, stands, or exercises.
  6. Wiry Pulse.It is a pulse that is small, tense and upon palpitation, it feels like a cord or wire.

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