Products Women Could Do Without

1.                  Hair Dyes – This product targets our insecurities about our appearance and though it is targeted to both men as well as women, it is patronized more by the fairer sex. Does it need a degree in Science to know that these dyes contain chemicals? We all know it. Even if some of the dyes are marketed as natural, reading the small print will bring out that they contain just traces of some natural item but the bulk is pure chemicals. And these are potentially harmful for the scalp as they cause skin allergy and irritation breakage, and discoloration

2.                  Stilettos – They lift the heels and transfer most of the weight on the front portion i.e. the toes. This can lead to swollen feet and almost certainly, chronic back pain if used over prolonged periods. Not only this, they also make walking difficult and are meant only when used for outings that involve just sitting or lounging.

3.                  Push-Up Bras –They have only one purpose. To make the bust line look good.  This is where the use ends. Every woman knows that breasts are circulation sensitive, and anything that tends to squeeze or pinch by using artificial means like wires and nylon is bound to have adverse effects. One cannot wear it for long because it would make circulation of blood a bit difficult. Also, they are against the grain of nature.

4.                  Lip Plumpers – A pretty pout is every woman’s dream.

But why? Because it sells. After all, how else would cosmetic companies run into profits? So they come out with such products. Very few however know how lip plumpers work. They contain ingredients like menthol and camphor which irritate the delicate skin, making your lips swell slightly, giving them that full appearance. They actually result in damaging the delicate, thin skin.

5.                  Spanx –These are the “shape wear” that is expected to give women a slim appearance. It squeezes the flab to make it look shapely but anyone with common sense can tell it would also lead to constriction of flow of the blood. Is that good?

6.                  The Curling Iron –These are hand held gizmos that are generally spring loaded and made from metal, tourmaline or titanium. They are used with a power source and typically reach temperatures as high as 200 or even 400 degrees. And the purpose? To curl hair! What would happen if it was to touch any other part of the body? It gets damaged. So, just because you do not feel the heat on hair does not mean it does not damage it. You do get the burning smell, don’t you?

Needless to say, these are just a few of things that are not needed but have become a part of every woman’s daily lifestyle. There are many things that we don’t need yet we go ahead with them for various reasons. Time to rethink.

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