Lower Your Insurance Cost Tips – Open Secret That Your Insurance Agent May Not Tell You! – Volume 1

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You Always Don’t Need to Pay Too Much on Auto Insurance

Why Nobody teach you to lower your insurance bill?

     Imagine that you are an landlord of an apartment building, and you receive monthly rent income from your tenants, then now you are very happy because you could just sit back and relax because your money keep going to your bank account every month. 

     Do you think you will lower the rent for your tenants because you are making too much easy money?

    And Your Answer?  No!

     So that is how it is for whoever is providing you the auto insurance service, they will not teach you what you can do to save your money.  But if they do, they are either just want to let you know they have the best price or they are fighting with the other company to win the competition.

Do You Want to Change?  If you Do, Save $$$

     So now you know you could do something about it to save your money because you do not want them to make easy money, but are you ready to work on that?

     If Yes, Keep Reading…

A Beginner Guide For Auto Insurance in The Usa

One Accident Changed My…Insurance Payment

I still remember that 2 years ago I got a accident with a rental car because I was in LA.  After those terrible process (Like calling police, writing accident report, etc…)  I asked my insurance agent to talk to the rental car company to get me the other car because I still have work to do. 

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   Then something was happened, that STUPID agent(AAA insurance) was arguing with the rental car company’s manager, then as everybody could guess, the manager hanged up the phone and tell me that no more car will be available to me.

   I was so mad, then cancelled the trip immediately and go back home.  The very first thing I did was calling the other insurance companies and quote for the price, after talking to Farmers, All state, etc.  I found a State Farm’s price is lower than the AAA insurance that I am paying.I called that AA AGENT and Tell him I need to Cancel the insurance policy ASAP(Of course I could do that because the last accident claim was not my fault) and then I hang up the phone right after I got the confirmation number.

Lower Your Insurance Cost Tips – Open Secret That Your Insurance Agent May Not Tell You! – Volume 2

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