Chemist Discovers Rheumatoid Arthritis Is All In Your Head!

“Fillings” in your mouth may be causing Disease.            

There are many contributing factors that influence rheumatoid arthritis.

One is Amalgam Mercury “Fillings” and other is  preservatives. Sometimes we overlook preservatives in our foods because were too busy or just believe it must be safe because ‘it’s on the shelf” at the grocery store. Why should I read every label? Your health and family are at stake!

 Let’s take a look at a few preservatives.

Xanthum gumis a strain bacteria that cause black rot on cauliflower.

Once the bacteria forms it develops into a “slime” Food producers call

Stabilizers. Found in ice cream check the label in your grocery store

frozen department.

Nitriteswhich prevents discoloration of  meats.

Sodium Bezoates- prevents bacterial growth.

Sulfur Dioxideis a toxic gas used on variety of meats, and dairy. These are some

examples of unnatural additives in our foods that could cause one to develop

severe health issues such as arthritis. These poisonous substances enter the blood

stream which cause a toxic blood and leads to arthritic changes.

   There is one poison most people have in their mouths and they don’t even know it. Called Mercury and highly toxic to all living things. Mercury Amalgam is commonly called “fillings” yes, the substance your dentist may still be using today! Some have changed to a composite filling but many haven’t because Mercury is inexpensive. Tell your dentist you want composite Only!

 Silver – mercury amalgam has been around for over 170 years.

In the 1840’s the American Society of Dental Surgeons required its members not to put this amalgams in their patient’s mouth. Most members violated this and the American Dental Association was born.

   A chemist Dr. Alfred Stock studied the mercury affecting individual’s cells on a physiological level. Himself suffering from severe toxicity he published a article in the scientific journal called the Danger of Mercury Vapor (1926).  It discusses the effect of mercury on the human body.

   A  shocking quote from Dr. Stock on toxic mercury. ”It will become evident one day that the careless introduction of amalgam into dentistry was a grave sin against humanity” There are many experts that will deny such a claim but amalgams are about 28%  mercury.

  When dentists started using Amalgams the contents of mercury was 50%!  Fifty percent! This is the same mercury in our thermometers!  There is a instrument to check levels of mercury it’s called Jerome Mercury Vapor Analyzer. This tool checks the levels of vapor after chewing. These vapors (if you have amalgams) are releasing toxic vapors into your

System.  Mercury may cause many physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Dr. Roy B. Kupsinel an expert in the field of Mercury Amalgam Toxicity has four categories of  health problems that occur with mercury.

1.Nervous System: headaches, migraines, irritability, depression, loss of concentration. Recent research  by Dr. Mike Godfrey MB or MD in U.S. has concluded mercury to be a major cause of  Alzheimer’s disease!

2.Cardiovascular: irregular heartbeat, blood pressure fluctuates high to low, pain in the chest area

3.Connective Tissues: Rheumatoid arthritis          

4.Allergies: Mercury impairs the immune system. This happens when our immune system is run down because of many factors. This can lead to asthma Hives, eczema, (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder. Mercury enters our bodies from fillings to the lungs, then intestines, finally into the Circulatory system. Losing weight for some is near impossible.

  You may find it difficult when searching for a dentist to remove your Mercury Amalgam. Don’t give up there are many who know all too well the dangers of Mercury in the body. My brother had this procedure done a few years ago and he called about five dentists until he found one to remove this substance. This dentist took all health precautions for himself and my brother. Yet, he warned that mercury could linger in his body after mercury was removed. It’s not a cure, but removing this will substance and become healthy again!

  The body will eliminate the unwanted mercury by urinating. Detoxify is necessary to see improvements in your health. The reason, mercury accumulates in the organs and tissues of the body. The bottom line is not only is mercury harmful but also preservatives we take in everyday. Read labels, talk to your dentist, doctor, and research.  Educate yourself about preservatives in our food. Asking questions about foreign substance you are not familiar with is beneficial to your family and you.  I suggest you read Dr. Stock writings this will information on this important subject. Good Health to You! Join thousands who read the Free ebook  ” Two Months to Live”  It will change your life!

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