Canon HF G10 Camcorder Review

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Early January 2011, Canon announced fresh new models in the VIXIA line. Canon VIXIA HF G10 is new canon’s flagship camcorder, feature with a pro-level sensor brought down from its XF series. It will be in the VIXIA HF G10, which launches a new AVCHD-compliant G series for Canon. This new Canon HFG10 camcorder basically comes with all the features that every video enthusiast is looking for. It is positively the best as far as quality and performance is concerned. The Canon VIXIA HF G10 is still categorized as a consumer camcorder. Weight is kept low for portability and is similar in size to the rest of the VIXIA models. But it separates itself from the other VIXIA models with its noticeable 8-blade iris which helps smoothen the background blur. This enhancement is great for those that enjoy utilizing the different manual controls of other VIXIA cameras.

Canon VIXIA HF G10 feature are really a combination of the S30 and M41 which is fine as it almost gets the most excellent of both models. It separates itself from the S30 by incorporating the latest HD CMOS Pro image sensor that the M41 possesses. The Canon VIXIA HF G10 uses the Instant AF focusing system that is special for the best Canon camcorders. It can achieve autofocus operations very rapidly despite of the existing lighting situation and the subject does not have to be stationary either.

The camera saves videos either within the 32GB internal flash memory or on a memory card inserted in the dual SDXC-compatible card slots that allocate for concurrent card recording, and also includes manual color temperature adjustment (2,000K-15,000K in 100K increments), color bars with test tone, manual shutter speed and aperture control, Native 24p recording and a color viewfinder.

Canon also states upgrades in its built-in microphone, with the capability to establish directionality. It will support Canon’s fresh special effects feature, called Cinema-Look Filters.


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