Eliminate Self-Talk: Gain Clarity

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More than 100 years ago, we were enlightened by three highly intelligent, intuitive gifted men who were modern pioneers of the human psyche. Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler were psychological visionaries who knew, before it was time to know, we would need to access the depths of the unconscious, if we were penetrate the mysteries of the present day and age.

These iconic fathers of psychoanalytic therapy understood that in order to puncture the veil of hypocrisy and rampant untruth, choking the life out of people, we would have to probe the deep recesses of the unconscious realm, to unravel the trance-like hold, and the illusion of accepted normalcy has on us. Is it normal to be constantly bombarded by/ through and with the conflicted thoughts of others? Must we continue with the insanity of non-relenting self-talk so that we placate our self-generated ill-defined thoughts and actions?

In order to follow our own truth, we must be willing to probe, expose, access, recognize, appreciate, embrace, and apply it to our everyday lives. We are not to forfeit the benefits of the sanctity of our own minds for fear of what is gained by succumbing to those voices of disdain or self-appointed elevation. Those, who familiar or not, would rather have us controlled by the perils of monotony (found within the box of approval, agreement and validation) and so called normal acceptance of the way things are currently viewed and appreciated need be forcefully exorcized from the skull, without regret. No longer can we amicably allow the thoughts, ideas, assumptions, desires, dreams, (whether repressed or voiced) to play such an important role in our lives.

We are continually engaged in self-talk in order to ‘establish and maintain’ a reliable sense of balance; in other words, put forth a false front. This on-going complacent, amicable self-talk (phony personality) prevents us from hearing the revolting ‘still small voice’ of genuine truth within. We are so accustomed to relying on others for our views, opinions and attitudes that when we try to make a step up to the plate, we feel embarrassed or ashamed for having had a revelatory thought of own in the first place. Falsity plays out its masked roles in many forms. Sometimes, from those who are the closest to us or who we deem so vitally significant to our happiness. We have a difficult time recognizing what’s false or true due to the ‘loud speaker’ of self-talk we engage in unceasingly.

We are so consumed with business, (the ludicrous idea of getting ahead), we don’t want to recognize or admit falsity in our lives. We simply want to keep the waters calm for fear of upsetting the apple cart. So, round and round the mulberry bush we go; hand in hand, all singing a superficial lullaby of false motivations. We are so buried beneath the saturated influences of others, we rarely stop to regroup, asking IF what we are following or allowing to be said, as if in agreement, really suits our innermost fancy. In other words, are we basing what we feel upon the suppositions of others we value more than ourselves?

False institutions, false leaders, false media, false ideas, false education, false motivations, false successes, false dreams, false importance, false identification, false goals, false aspirations all fall under the category of unexpressed idealized dreams which have nothing whatever to do with us or our personal ambitions. But, we have invested so much time and effort to reverently preserve and charismatically present ourselves, as dutiful compliant individuals, we dare not reveal what’s going on with us ‘down under.’ To strip from us, the false mask of elevated status and coveted acclaim requires gut honesty and resilient courage, unlike anything we’ve demonstrated, thus far.

Many people are silently (begrudgingly) unwillingly choosing and have decimated their entire lives to living from a false base. Why? Because we don’t trust our gut instinct; we listen to the (easily accessible and readily recognizable) surface voice of our tattered minds. Due to the deposited insecurity, from the belied voices of infiltrated, unwanted, influential opinioned osmosis, (others who surround us and who live in our minds from memories), we have not a clue what it is we really want to do or how we want to do it. What a shame! An actual living travesty, which prevents any genuine evolvement from taking place, no matter how much we plea for things to change.

We are living in an anesthetized world filled with unrequited love of the sublime self. We are hopeless, helpless, disenfranchised individualized people, who have followed goals that in no way can satisfy the deepest desires of our soul. And, yet we altruistically continue to act as if what we are doing is for the best of all concerned. Give me a break! When we allow ourselves to become infiltrated by other people’s ideas of what is supposedly right and just for us, instead of pursuing the mainline of our own ambitions , be they accepted, appreciated, understood, respected or not, nothing but unmitigated unhappiness results.

As long as we deny the existence of our own self-motivated vain glorious motivations to please and sublimate, we continue to remain stuck and arrogant. We see ourselves are long-suffering. Anytime, we generate an artificial premise (by explaining, excusing, or defending) our hidden desires, we do it based on false motivations. Rest assured nothing but total dissatisfaction and utter chaos will result. Self-talk creates irrefutable damage to the integrity of the individual. No longer can this raping of the human mind take place.

A bridge of self-honesty must be built and in all actuality is being built to free the slaves of mediocrity and bearers of inconsistent indecision whose hearts and minds are saturated with unveiled boredom and depression. People know they’re unhappy, they just don’t why. The ‘why-ing’ is found in the ‘whining’. Cease to complain to yourself while a contradicting interacting takes place on the outside.

It’s high time to come clean. Stop with the self-talk to appease and conciliate. Allow the ‘still small voice’ to speak its unwavering sensual artistic truth in the midst of other’s incessant jabbering. It will difficult and uncomfortable, at first; but incalculably worth the effort invested.


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