5 Things You Must do to Protect The Good Health of Your Laptop

These days, laptops have become affordable. Almost everyone in the family owns one. Many even think that a laptop is able to do every job that personal computers did in the past. Perhaps, it is true, but this does not mean one should take it as a reason to abuse it. Yes, some laptops end up malfunctioning because of the torture they go through. Soif you love your one you need to take the following steps to protect its good health.

1. Do not keep the laptop battery charging all the time:

Laptops are supposed to be energy saver because they are to be used without electricity for some hours. However, if you keep it hooked to the electric socket for hours you will surely get its battery burned. So do not do it. Unplug it when the battery is fully charged. This way you will also save your money on monthly electricity bill.

2. Use a safe web browser:

Study all the web browsers carefully to know which one of them is safer for your laptop. Download only the one that will give you great protection against Trojans and other malicious software. Apparently, Google chrome and Firefox are best suitable.

3. Have good antivirus software downloaded:

Web browsers cannot prevent you from downloading virus to your laptop. To be clear, some clever Trojans can secretly enter your laptop through the graphics, games and so forth that you download from various websites.  The only way you can get rid of them is by using a good antivirus software. So never keep your laptop without one.


4. Do not use the laptop for heavy duty tasks unless it has a dual core processor:  

Some cheap laptops come with single core processor which cannot stand heavy duty tasks.  Forcing them to still carry on with them will make their health suffer.  Meanwhile, dual core processors are built to withstand many tasks being run at the same time. So with a single core you need to stay extra careful. Also if you own the dual core processor one you should not take it for granted and feed with abuse. Laptops are after all machines.

5. Download your work to a flash drive or email it yourself:

Do not flood your laptop’s hard drive with downloads especially photos, videos and animated graphics. Otherwise, you will end up slowing down its work. Go for a flash drive, for it is capable of holding many large files. But if you just wish to save written papers keep an email account separately for it. This is actually done by many university students. They usually save their past papers and pictures in Gmail accounts because they have the maximum space available for emails.

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