What's on Your Security Exam

When you take a security guard exam, they will ask you some questions about the law. When you pass it with 100% then they will allow you to work as a security guard. You will take it with the state board or with your company if they allow it. You will need to pay a fee before you get to take it.

There will be around 25 questions with the state board. This is on non-job questions. A lot of it is about the law governing your job as a security guard. They’re multiple choice questions and they’re very easy. It will cover the conduct of your job, licensing requirements,  what you’re allow to do and punish if you are unethical or cause other to be arrested.

One of the questions is on licensing requirement. You’re required to be license before you can work as a security guard, but it will depends on the state. You’re required to work for a licensed establishment and will be fine if you knowingly work for a business that is not licensed. You’re required to report them if they’re not licensed. You can’t freelance your work, even if you have a sheriff’s card. You have to work for a licensee. You can’t hire people either.

Another section asks you about your conduct on the job. You’re not supposed to cause false arrest on any citizen unless you see them doing the wrong doing or that you have probable cause. If you cause them to be falsie arrested where they’re innocent, you will be charge of the same level of crime. If they were arrested for a felony, you will be charge with a felony. If they were arrested for a misdemeanor, you will be charged with a misfeasor. If you’re unethical, you will pay for it. This is pretty much it and you will be required to renew your Sheriff’s card or get your finger prints exam prior to getting your card. You must not have committed a felony or crimes of unethical morals or firearms.

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